How are Dems playing their reaction to the news that President Trump shared intelligence information with the Russians during a White House visit? Judging by the statement from former Obama special assistant Ned Price, they’ve turned it up to 11. Appearing on today’s Morning Joe, Price said:

“Last week we had this hearing of all national security officials on worldwide threats. And of course, they covered ISIL, they covered Syria, North Korea. I think we have to start asking ourselves: at what point does this administration itself become a threat we have to be concerned about?”

Note that in addition to serving as a special assistant to President Obama, Price was a Hillary donor, a self-described progressive and a former CIA agent who quit the agency, explaining in a Washington Post column why he did so rather than continue to serve under President Trump.

Mika Brzezinski gave a charged reaction to Price’s question about putting the Trump admin in the same threat category as ISIS: “I just want everyone to think about the question you just asked, Ned Price. Because that’s where we’re at, where we don’t know whether this presidency can sustain itself.”