Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe spoke to the Senate Intelligence Committee today since President Donald Trump fired James Comey as FBI director two days ago.

Well, the firing of Comey caused the MSM to go haywire, splashing out reports to heighten conspiracy theories to show the firing was political. For instance, numerous outlets reported the firing came after the FBI requested more resources for its investigation into collusion between Trump and Russia during the campaign.

However, McCabe told the committee that he does not know of any requests. Interesting, huh? Even more interesting? The MSM has skimmed over this crucial part of his testimony.

Of course it was none other than Sheryl Attkisson, who has a fantastic history of reporting the truth without any spin, who brought this detail to light:

From The Hill:

McCabe: Unaware of requests for resources.

11:45 a.m.

McCabe said he is unaware of any request for more resources in the Russian investigation, contradicting reports Comey requested more resources from the Department of Justice.

McCabe said the FBI neither traditionally requests resources from the DOJ, nor requests resources from specific agents.

Here are some videos:

You know what I would have found weird if I already didn’t distrust the MSM? The fact that I had to find the video of these statements from ordinary people instead of the MSM. No, the MSM instead has only concentrated on the statements by McCabe that contradict the White House. Here are a few headlines:

Yesterday, the MSM had these headlines:

I looked over a few of the articles and have not found any corrections. Not even an editor’s note at the end that states McCabe’s testimony contradicts the story.


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