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Double Standard: Berkeley Welcomes Radical Leftist to Speak on Campus

Double Standard: Berkeley Welcomes Radical Leftist to Speak on Campus

“a writer for the Revolutionary Communist Party”

No one is saying leftists shouldn’t be allowed to speak on campus. It’s the double standard which is the problem.

Mediaite reports:

Berkeley Said No to Ann Coulter But Yes to Radical Leftist Sunsara Taylor

The University of California, Berkeley essentially barred Ann Coulter from speaking on campus at the end of April; but just over a week later, an admitted Communist will be hosting an event on campus, who’s asserts it’s “right…to drive fascists off campus,” as the sponsor put it.

Sunsara Taylor of “Refuse Fascism,” who is also a writer for the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA’s Revolution publication, will be speaking on Thursday at Berkeley’s Hearst Field Annex. Her publication’s Twitter account advertised the “drive fascists off campus” theme of the planned lecture.

An e-mail advertising the radical leftist’s event also disclosed her argument about the now-cancelled Coulter lecture: “The issue is not ‘free speech.’ the issue is fascism being imposed on America. Ann Coulter is a fascist operative with close ties to the Trump/Pence Regime.”


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Walker Evans | May 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

No double standards here! Just the normal leftist standard of “Our way and no other way!” They’ve been operating that way for decades.

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