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Branco Cartoon – Focused Like Hawks

Branco Cartoon – Focused Like Hawks

On their prey

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Sad/funny/sad. SMH..
for more giggles I looked up th NYT mission statement.

For more than a century, men and women of The Times have jealously guarded the paper’s integrity. Whatever else we contribute, our first duty is to make sure the integrity of The Times is not blemished during our stewardship. At a time of growing and even justified public suspicion about the impartiality, accuracy and integrity of some journalists and some journalism, it is imperative that The Times and its staff maintain the highest possible standards to insure that we do nothing that might erode readers’ faith and confidence in our news columns. This means that the journalism we practice daily must be beyond reproach.

I was interested in Wapo, but then, what is the use? It is probably just as laughable.

As always TY.

Breaking – Dems Demand Special Prosecutor for IceCreamGate.
John McCain agrees. Suggests “either Ben or Jerry.”

Breaking news… media actually means Mammoth Shit Media. It is very old and there is lots of it.

Sadly the news has long since ceased being a source of information, it has become a syringe for sycophants to get their daily (or hourly) validation that their world view is correct, that the other party is the villain and to feel righteous about one’s own state of consciousness.

I know the right is guilty of this as well when we see petty articles of what some celebutard says, but the left REALLY has made it an institution.

As with meth or other drugs, there is a booming market place for bad ideas and the invisible hand is not likely to fix it.

OK, my first question is who paid for the ice cream?
I would bet the media did NOT pay for what they consumed.
The highest likely hood is either the taxpayers or the Trump Campaign paid for what the media was served as a make-nice gesture to the aforementioned media,and we see what that bought them.
I would bet Trump did pay for what he consumed.