Wesleyan also has a terrible rating for free speech. Go figure.

The College Fix reports:

University rated one of the worst for free speech to open $220,000-a-year social justice center

Wesleyan University — rated one of the worst in the nation for free speech by a nonprofit watchdog group — is slated to roll out a new center dedicated to advancing social justice, an effort estimated to cost more than $200,000 annually to promote various “gender, queer, students of color” causes.

Claiming the center was prompted by “racist, misogynistic and transphobic issues and events” at the private Connecticut campus, which costs $65,000-a-year to attend, the new facility will celebrate diversity, allow students to learn about their privilege, and work to increase campus equity, according to officials who developed the effort.

“Another important step in our efforts to enhance inclusiveness on campus is the creation of a student Resource Center to advocate for students through a mission grounded in social justice with an awareness of what students require to thrive,” President Michael Roth stated March 30 in announcing the endeavor.

Expenses for the pending “Equity and Inclusion Resource Center” will include $33,000 in “modest renovations” to make way for the center in an existing facility, plus the cost to pay for two full-time staff positions, a faculty fellow, interns and programming throughout the year, for a total of about $220,000 annually, according to the proposal.