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U. Michigan Prof Claims the English Language is Sexist

U. Michigan Prof Claims the English Language is Sexist


We’ve now come to the point where the English language is sexist? What’s next? Is there any aspect of American culture that the left won’t vilify in some way?

The College Fix reports:

Professor: ‘The English language is sexist’

The English language is sexist, a University of Michigan professor told Iowa State University students Thursday evening during a guest lecture in The Hawkeye State.

Anne Curzan, an associate dean of humanities and professor of English at Michigan, made her remarks in a talk titled “Politically Correct: Do Our Language Choices Matter?” During the lecture, she reportedly discussed “everything from sexist language to preferred pronouns in order to dispel the stigma against politically correct speaking,” according to the Iowa State Daily.

Aside from teaching, Curzan hosts a show called “That’s What They Say” on Michigan Radio, where her biography states she’s an expert in the English language.

On Thursday, she spent a portion of her lecture explaining deep-seated sexism in the English language.

“The English language is sexist; it has a long history of being sexist,” she said.


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The Friendly Grizzly | April 15, 2017 at 4:07 pm

Mzzz Curzan just provides another example of why the 19th amendment needs some serious rethinking.

Pretty sure you will not learn English from this loon.

Sigh… another reason to bookmark this page for when the next UM person tries to get me to donate…. I tell them that I am not interested, but still they “persist”.

Of course, once I bring up the bookmarked pages and start quoting, I get this strange dial tone….. did the hang up on ME?

Not in my will…..

Just another ugly liberal.

Liberalism is: corruption until collapse followed by totalitarianism.

Well, is she wrong? Of course the English language is sexist, as are most if not all other languages. There’s no point in trying to deny it, it’s obviously true. But so what? That’s just reality, and however much one might wish the language had evolved differently, it didn’t. Live with it.

Yes, the English language is sexist. As Milhouse points out so are most if not all languages. So she is a hypocrite and a sellout if she doesn’t boycott them all and stop speaking and writing.

(Then we won’t have to listen to her or read anything from her.)