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Trump is Being Snubbed by Universities for Commencement Season

Trump is Being Snubbed by Universities for Commencement Season

Not so for Obama.

Trump is delivering the commencement speech at Liberty University but at this time in Obama’s presidency, schools were falling all over themselves to have him speak.

The College Fix reports:

Trump seemingly shunned by universities as commencement season nears

By the end of March in 2009, first-year President Barack Obama had already announced he’d be the commencement speaker for three prominent universities: a prestigious private institution, one of America’s largest public universities and a U.S. service academy.

In contrast, President Donald Trump has so far only announced plans to address Liberty University, a Christian, conservative college in Lynchburg, Virginia. Liberty’s president, Jerry Falwell Jr., was a stalwart supporter of Trump throughout the presidential campaign.

In 2009, President Obama spoke at the University of Notre Dame, Arizona State University and the United States Naval Academy. All three appearances were announced by the end of March.

It’s already clear Trump won’t speak at either of the two civilian schools Obama did that year, even though Notre Dame has a tradition of inviting newly inaugurated presidents to address its graduates.


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Good. Trump has more important things to do.

Further defining real America from the liberal/commie education system. Piss on these colleges and universities.