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Russia Objects UN Statement That Condemns North Korea

Russia Objects UN Statement That Condemns North Korea

China supported the condemnation of North Korea.

Last week I blogged about how Kremlin TV declared President Donald Trump is more dangerous than North Korea. Well, on Wednesday, Russia showed more support for North Korea, but this time at the UN while China supported the statement. CBS News reported:

“Russia is slowing this down, and it is not clear why,” the diplomat told CBS News. “The U.S. wanted to get the message out.”

The statement includes a Security Council demand that “the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea conduct no further tests.” It also states that North Korea’s “illegal ballistic missile activities are contributing to its development of nuclear weapons.”

China has been slow to support statements condemning North Korea in the past, but signed off on the message Wednesday. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley circulated the missive in her role as president of the Security Council for the month of April.

Diplomats speaking on condition of anonymity told The Associated Press that Russia objected because a sentence in the draft expressing the council’s commitment “to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution to the situation” dropped the words “through dialogue” that had been in previous statements.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, Haley told reporters, “It is important that North Korea know we are not trying to pick a fight, so don’t try to give us one.”

“We have said it as clearly as we can possibly say it: The ball is in their court. They shouldn’t try and play it,” she said.


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