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Radical Communist Angela Davis Bashes Israel in Speech at George Washington University

Radical Communist Angela Davis Bashes Israel in Speech at George Washington University

“Why Movements for Social Justice Should Support Palestine”

Earlier this week, Davis spoke at Marquette University. I can’t help but notice that no one is rioting or trying to shout her down as she makes these appearances.

Campus Reform reports:

Angela Davis attacks Israel, prisons in speech at GW

Former Communist Party USA leader and Black Panther Party member Angela Davis spoke at The George Washington University Monday, arguing for “the abolition of the prison” and criticizing “Israel’s ethnic cleansing strategies.”

Her speech, titled “Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Why Movements for Social Justice Should Support Palestine,” was sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine, the GW Black Student Union, and the GW Feminist Student Union, and marked the beginning of SJP’S Palestine Awareness Week, which is meant to promote “awareness to the occupation of Palestine,” according to member Kei Pritsker.

As Davis began, she asked the audience to “recognize that we are on colonized land,” saying, “as we talk about solidarity with occupied Palestine, remember the United States of America is also a settler colonial nation.”

“Why is it wrong to criticize the state of Israel?” she asked incredulously, earning a round of cheers and applause from the audience by suggesting that opposition to the State of Israel is actually beneficial for the Jewish people.

“We say no to Israel’s ethnic cleansing strategies. In standing up against the racism of the state of Israel, we are passionately saying no to anti-Semitism as well,” she argued. “This is supposed to be the dismantling of the era of Israeli occupation of Palestine. It has been long and coming.”

Davis asserted that Israel gets the tear gas it uses in Palestine from the same American company that equipped police forces in Ferguson, Missouri, and that the U.S. “gets their [sic] anti-terror policies from Israel.”


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