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Princeton Profs Under Fire for Researching Problems of Whites in America

Princeton Profs Under Fire for Researching Problems of Whites in America

‘How dare you work on whites’

Have we really come to the point where this is considered scandalous?

The Washington Post reports:

‘How dare you work on whites’: Professors under fire for research on white mortality

Academic research rarely goes viral, but this past year, the work of Princeton professors Anne Case and Nobel laureate Angus Deaton became the center of a national fascination over the woes of white America. It’s also landed the two in the crossfire of a debate about race and the lack of attention given to problems faced by African Americans.

In 2015, Case and Deaton pointed out that mortality rates among middle-aged white Americans have been rising, while mortality rates for other Americans and citizens of Western Europe have continued to plummet. Two weeks ago, the researchers released a deeper report probing the underlying reasons. Opioid abuse and alcoholism and a spike in suicides have been the most visible causes, but Case and Deaton say these “deaths of despair” are symptoms of a much larger problem — one that’s rooted in the economy, and how forces like technological change have battered less-educated whites in recent decades.

But the economy has been brutal lately for all Americans without a college degree, and this new report kicked off another round of controversy over how the American mainstream often ignores black experiences. Critics have complained that Case and Deaton’s focus on white mortality risks drawing attention away from equally pressing problems, like the persistently higher rates of black mortality.


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That they even have to defend themselves is a clear indication of how far post secondary “education” has fallen.

Isn’t it time to have real colleges and universities and ones for the snowflakes? You know, all those “studies” courses and other feel good crap designed to graduate the unemployable?