I appeared on The Tony Katz Show in Indianapolis to discuss the Iran Nuclear deal in light of a Politico report, Obama’s hidden Iran deal giveaway.

The Politico report describes the Obama administration deception on a prisoner swap that secretly was part of the Iran nuclear deal. We reported in January 2016 that the Iranian prisoners released were not low level, Here’s who Iran is getting back in prisoner swap.

Here is a partial transcript of my interview, via Tony’s website:

Contrary to the way the Administration was presenting it, which was a prisoner swap and we’re getting back four Americans….there was plenty of evidence that these were very serious people who were helping Iran’s nuclear program by stealing technology in the US. And the media basically ignored that.

Even worse, as part of that deal, we agreed that 14 Iranians who were on the Interpol wanted list for nuclear proliferation would be removed from that wanted list. So we not only released several people, we freed up 14 other Iranians who could travel freely without fear of arrest.

These are people who were long time sleepers in the US who were stealing technology to help Iran build its missiles, accuracy of missiles, which would then be used in the nuclear program.

And we let them out; and not only did we let them out, we paid cash to the Iranians. And this was all covered up by the Obama Administration. They outright lied about what was happening, because they so wanted that Iran deal.

At the end I summed up: “Obama’s legacy is one of deception and deceit”