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Mika Mimes Trump’s Border Wall

Mika Mimes Trump’s Border Wall

Scarborough: “don’t do that. People are going to do stuff to that.”

There’s a wall being built on the Mexican border.

You just can’t see it. But Mika Brzezinski could feel it.

On today’s Morning Joe, Brzezinski mimed an invisible border wall.

Mika’s shtick came in the course of a discussion suggesting that the Trump administration might settle for less than a 2,200 mile-long wall, substituting surveillance of various types. Joe Scarborough helpfully suggested “wild coyotes wearing cameras.”

Joe told Mika to stop her act, warning “don’t do that. People are going to do stuff to that,” presumably imagining memes that web wags might develop.

“Is that dirty? I’m miming a wall. Is that dirty?”, inquired Mika. She was assured that it was not.


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A wall the entire length of the border would not be practical. Drones will probably be used in some areas.

The wall is proposed to cross some of the most forbidding territory in the US. Building it and maintaining it will absolutely require new infrastructure — roads, and towns will be formed all along the desert southwest border. This could have the perverse result of making the border more porous rather than less.

Getting rid of welfare for illegal immigrants and anchor baby status would have a better effect, in my opinion. We have already noticed that simply by discontinuing the advertising campaign from the US government to encourage people to come here illegally (yes, we did that, it was in the newspapers to the south of us), has already had a significant effect.

    Valerie in reply to Valerie. | April 26, 2017 at 10:23 am

    We might also restrain our teachers from telling our schoolchildren that having babies is an ecological disaster. We really could make our own babies, instead of importing them.

    Ah, but Bill Nye the butt-sex guy is busy pushing a one-child policy, along with normalizing perversion. Perhaps we need to make a cut to Netflix.

    rinardman in reply to Valerie. | April 26, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Remote areas where it would be hard to get to to build a wall are also remote areas where it would be hard to get to for people to cross the border. Build a wall (or fence) where needed, use remote surveillance everywhere else.

    You don’t have to physically stop every border crosser; just make it hard, and with severe consequences if caught.

I’m certain the 13 petulant adolescents who still watch MSNBC were amused…

buckeyeminuteman | April 26, 2017 at 10:33 am

It’s actually Bush’s wall signed off by the likes of Schumer, Hillary, Obama, Kerry and Reid. Trump is just the only one with balls to actually build it.

I think it’s ridiculous that we are funding planned parenthood and NOT the Wall. Get Ryan the hell out and stop ???? listening to the Rinos.

Joe Scarborough helpfully suggested “wild coyotes wearing cameras.”

The traditional substitute for a wall is concertina razor wire. You know, of the type run from the English Channel to Switzerland a century ago. I’m sure Joe would have a nice chuckle over it. Or perhaps something like the Lines of Torres Vedras would do; more primitive than wire, but good enough to keep Napoleon’s troops out of Lisbon.

Close The Fed | April 26, 2017 at 10:58 am

The Wall was Trump’s biggest most obvious promise that I voted for.

And of course, stopping DACA and DAPA.

So far, he’s making a little progress on the wall, but reversed on these others.

Frankly, it’s disgusting.

And Ivanka and the Syrians? I want the damn Syrian safe areas built, no matter what it takes, so we can deport them home.
I want them ALL gone. Too many places in America are already muslim strongholds.

Pelosi Schmelosi | April 26, 2017 at 12:55 pm

That pic of Mika up top makes her look batsh*t crazy.
Time to up the dosage toots…

Looks like Mika is re-enacting the time she had to get out of a paper bag.

Mika shows more potential as a mime than as a talkshow co-host.

Mika expects instant gratification. I wonder if she’s Pro-Choice.

The best outcome is not building a wall, but to force, or at least stimulate, emigration reform in second and third-world nations. The cause of mass exodus is there and immigration reform only serves as a cover-up… for, among other things, collateral damage from social justice adventurism (e.g. anti-nativism, elective regime changes), progressive devaluation of capital and labor, and selective-child policies.