It looks as though political correctness may be about to claim another sports mascot.

The Telegram reports:

Holy Cross debates abandoning ‘Crusader’ mascot

Faced with the prospect of changing its historic “Crusaders” nickname this fall, the College of the Holy Cross is also confronting a central question: What’s in a name?

According to six professors who sat on a panel to discuss that inquiry Tuesday afternoon in the college’s Rehm Library, there is more packed into the Crusader mascot than its function as a sharp logo on T-shirts and gym bags. From its reflection of Holy Cross’ values, to its role as a symbol of the school’s Jesuit tradition, to its potential ostracizing effect on people who don’t identify with the armor-clad, sword-wielding knight and all its historical implications, the Crusader name has a lot going on.

The question of abandoning the moniker, said Holy Cross ethics and society professor Mark P. Freeman, “is a question of whether the symbol and image of the Crusader resonates with our deepest held values, beliefs, and ideals.”

Renewed debate on campus about the mascot’s appropriateness was kicked off earlier this year when the college’s student newspaper, also named the Crusader, contemplated dropping its title because of the existence of a newsletter of the same name published by the Ku Klux Klan.

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