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Harvard Grad Students Launch ‘Resistance School’ to Oppose Trump

Harvard Grad Students Launch ‘Resistance School’ to Oppose Trump

Ivy league community organizing.

Some grad students at Harvard’s school of government have launched a free “resistance” school in order to teach other progressives how to oppose President Trump.

CNN first reported the story:

Harvard students launch course on resisting ‘the Trump agenda’

On Wednesday, students at Harvard start the first day of Resistance School — a 4-week course in anti-Trump activism created by progressive students at the university’s Kennedy School of Government. The course is open to people across the country and the world.

Through four in-person and live-streamed sessions, followed by interactive homework assignments, organizers of the program say they hope to train activists “to strengthen the skills they need to take collective action and effectively resist the Trump agenda.”

This program comes in the wake of protests like the Women’s March and the March for Science, which were organized by progressives across the country in the months following President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“Resistance School started with a couple of students chatting with a couple of professors, having a sense of outrage and despair and beginning to feel overwhelmed and exhausted with the question of ‘What are we going to do after the election?'” explained Shanoor Seervai, a student at Harvard’s Kennedy School and one of the cofounders of Resistance School.

You can take this as further evidence that the left has absolutely no interest in winning back the blue collar voters they lost in the rust belt last fall.

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon did a little more research on the resistance school and what she found should come as a surprise to no one:

Harvard Grad Students Start ‘Resistance School’

The grad students, who consider themselves a progressive version of “Dumbledore’s Army,” have enlisted former Obama staffers to teach the class sessions. The syllabus includes readings on “Black-Palestinian Queer Reciprocal Solidarity.”

“On November 8, we lost more than just the presidency,” the website for the free online course reads. “We lost yet more ground in the decades-long campaign against progressive values. Republicans now control the Senate, House, and more state legislatures than they have in almost 200 years. Those losses have emboldened the right to launch an all-out attack against our nation’s creed—that all are created equal.”

“Like so many Americans, the election moved us—a group of progressive graduate students at Harvard—to ask ourselves: How can we most effectively fight Trump’s agenda?” the students continue. “What we came up with: Resistance School.”

The “school” involves four in-person lectures that will be live streamed to local “resistance” groups around the country during the month of April.

The goal of the course is to “keep the embers of resistance alive through concrete learning, community engagement, and forward-looking action.”

Here’s a sample from the school’s Facebook page:

Cheryl K. Chumley of the Washington Times boils this down to its essence:

So let’s break it down into what’s really going on here: Democrats, or more to truth progressives and socialists-in-training, are just ticked to high heaven their beloved Hillary Clinton lost the White House. And Barack Obama, through his Obama Foundation, has created “a living, working start-up for citizenship — an ongoing project for us to shape, together, what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century.”

It’s an umbrella group for anti-Trump activism, a go-to of sorts for the disgruntled left to get involved in some good old fashioned political protests. Activism just happens to be Obama’s thang. Add to that the other anti-Trump organizations that have sprung — the dozens of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, George Soros-type rights groups that have turned laser focus on the present administration — and the recipe for mass protest is prepared.

The cast of characters changes every few years but the show is always the same.

The resistance is the new occupy.

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legalbeagle | April 6, 2017 at 4:47 pm

These children need to launch a Mental Health Awareness school.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to legalbeagle. | April 6, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    But then they’d have to serve as the insane asylum inmates study group.

    I wish them all the failure they so richly are entitled to receive.

    Maybe Lizzie Borden Warren can join them.


    sequester in reply to legalbeagle. | April 6, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Be sure to take all your medications children.

    Resistance?Does that mean having Lizzy Warren give a speech on campus using a megaphone?

    sidebar in reply to legalbeagle. | April 6, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    How wonderful of Harvard to add becoming a haven for the mentally ill to its 381 year record. The new Bedlam of the West.

    practicalconservative in reply to legalbeagle. | April 6, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Their not snowflakes their are babies. I have seen seven year olds with better discipline. At least they can eat dinner before having ice cream without throwing a temper tantrum.

Harvard? Didn’t that used to be a school at one time?

nordic_prince | April 6, 2017 at 5:40 pm

They’re about eight years too late.

These Hitler Youth schools need to be de-funded and de-certified for loans.

And fast.

Conservatives should attend, take note of the techniques, and then organize to use them in a pro-Trump way.