Pence is an alum of Hanover. The letter from hundreds of graduates goes after Pence for supporting Trump’s policies.

USA Today reports:

Hundreds of Hanover College grads tear into alum Mike Pence in open letter

Five hundred and thirty-six alumni of Hanover College — the small liberal arts college in Indiana that Vice President Mike Pence attended — penned an open letter denouncing the vice president’s involvement in some of the more controversial parts of President Trump’s agenda.

“We write to you to ask how, as an obviously devout Christian, and after four years of the enlightening liberal arts education we all received at Hanover College, you can participate in the discrimination, racism, xenophobia, and antipathy toward the poor that we see in the actions of the Trump administration,” the letter reads.

The letter went on to criticize Pence’s involvement in overhauling the Affordable Care Act, policies he has backed that limit access to reproductive rights, and his support for legislation that favors religious freedom over LGBTQ rights.

It also denounced his association with Trump, citing the president’s failure to release his tax returns, his administration’s relationship with Russian officials, the introduction of executive orders that limit immigration from majority-Muslim countries, and crackdowns on undocumented immigrants.