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Conservative Grad Student at U. Miami Wants to Make Campus Great Again

Conservative Grad Student at U. Miami Wants to Make Campus Great Again

Real courage.

You have to give this young woman some credit. It takes guts to be such a vocal Trump supporter in this environment.

CNN reports:

Meet the conservative student activist who wants to ‘make campus great again’

It was standing room only as Lauren Cooley stepped in front of a classroom of college Republicans on a recent Saturday afternoon at the University of Central Florida’s main campus.

The 24-year-old campus organizer and University of Miami graduate student was kicking off her “Make Campus Great Again” speaking tour, an effort to motivate conservative students to embrace political activism.

“I know you guys worked really, really hard to make America great again, and we won! That’s awesome!” she told the crowd of students in navy blazers and brogues, sheath dresses and patent leather pumps, and a few red “Make American Great Again” hats.

“Now Trump’s in his first 100 days, what can we do to help the new administration move forward?”

During the 2016 election, Cooley traveled around Florida training activists and knocking on dorm room doors to register student voters. She had founded a political action committee that year called Campus Red, and appeared as a guest representing millennial conservatives on outlets such as Fusion TV and One America News Network.


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That is uplifting. Good for her and for our side.

casualobserver | April 22, 2017 at 9:38 am

Hey, where is all the fury about her (proper pronoun?) white, cis gendered, patriarchal white supremacy? That is the only line of attack from the left and especially from the campus/academic left, any more. I’m sure it’s coming by the bucketload.