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College Students Get Lecture on Fake News from BuzzFeed Editor

College Students Get Lecture on Fake News from BuzzFeed Editor

“Fake News, Real Consequences,”

One has to wonder if he stressed the importance of using cat gifs to make your point.

The Daily Caller reports:

BuzzFeed Editor Lectures College Students On Fake News

A BuzzFeed editor visited Pennsylvania State University Thursday to give a presentation on fake news and Facebook’s role in spreading it.

Craig Silverman, whom Fortune has called a “fake news expert,” spoke at Penn State regarding fake news and Facebook’s role in propagating it during the election, as reported by Daily Collegian.

“It’s crazy, but misinformation about American politics has actually become a good business opportunity,” said Silverman.

In “Fake News, Real Consequences,” Silverman called the 2016 presidential election the “perfect storm” for fake news. The BuzzFeed editor condemned fake news for causing both journalists and the audience to question the reliability of media outlets instead of paying attention to significant articles.

“They need to be held responsible,” said Silverman, referring to Facebook and proposing that the site changes its algorithm so that fake news doesn’t get boosted via social media so easily.

Weiming Xie, a finance student, commented on President Trump’s labeling of certain outlets as fake news.

“It’s ridiculous,” he noted, describing the nicknames Trump has given to these outlets.


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Forget Fakebook, go after CNN for starters. What a load of fertilizer that fake news shop is responsible for!