There’s nothing creepy at all about this. Nosiree.

The College Fix reports:

Faculty forced to pledge allegiance to diversity or lose their jobs nationwide

Unless a miracle of faculty governance takes place this spring, incoming students at Harvard will be forced to take an oath if they want leadership positions or postgraduate fellowships like the Rhodes.

It’s part of Harvard’s banal and poorly explained war against single-sex clubs, and it’s drawn rebukes across the ideological spectrum, including its Ivy League peers at the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvard faculty are exempt from such quizzing about their non-professional memberships.

But as the Martin Center’s George Leef reminds us, faculty in many places are bound by the same kind of “loyalty oaths” that Harvard students will soon bear.

They go by a different name – “diversity statements” – and they are particularly used to weed out prospective faculty or get rid of those who don’t have tenure or seek promotions:

Traditionally, faculty candidates have been evaluated on the basis of four documents: a cover letter, their curriculum vitae, research statement, and teaching statement. Now, a fifth document is being added—a statement in which the individual expresses his or her commitment to “diversity.” That is, how important it is to the individual, how he or she acts to further diversity, and so on.