This is an update to a story we ran last week. It’s a good thing the school dropped the student’s punishment.

The College Fix reports:

College drops charges against Christian student who challenged Muslim prof’s claims about Jesus

Marshall Polston, the Christian conservative student who was suspended from Rollins College after challenging his Muslim professor’s attacks on Christianity, has been reinstated.

After a weeklong battle against “unfounded allegations” that Polston was threatening his professor Areej Zufari, Polston’s lawyer said the college should investigate wherever Zufari should remain at the school at all, given her “malicious assassination” of his character.

Even as it cleared Polston of the most serious charges, Rollins said he was culpable for not treating others “in a respectful manner.”

Polston believes that administrators realized they were in the wrong, and that they made the right decision to “uphold the integrity on which they were founded,” he told The College Fix in a phone interview early Friday.

But he’s still weighing whether to sue Zufari, who filed a complaint against him for making her feel “unsafe” – by questioning her curious claims about Jesus Christ and his disciples.