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CNN Analyst on Syria: Trump has ‘burned all his supporters in spectacular fashion’

CNN Analyst on Syria: Trump has ‘burned all his supporters in spectacular fashion’

Overstatement at best

Talk about making lemons out of lemonade.  On CNN today Josh Rogin tried his best to paint President Trump’s decision to order strikes against Syria in the worst possible light.

The CNN analyst made the claim that by ordering the strikes, Trump “burned all his supporters in spectacular fashion.

It’s true that some prominent supporters, notably Ann Coulter, are displeased. But “all” Trump’s supporters? Or even most of them? Surely, a significant majority of people who support Trump support the strikes.

That is borne out by an online poll conducted by the Drudge Report.  While not scientific it is likely a good gauge of Trump-base opinion. The majority, at 66%, say they think the strikes were a good idea, with only 21% saying they were a bad idea.

Rogin later doubled down on his theory, saying that if Trump orders any further actions in Syria “he’ll burn his supporters even more,” while alienating his new-found friends who supported the strikes.

Concluded the Rogin: Trump’s “put himself in a tough spot.”

BRIANNA KEILAR: What do the quote unquote real people, the supporters who voted him into office. What do they think? Are they following suit here do you think?

JOSH ROGIN: No. He burned all of his supporters in a spectacular fashion, in an effort to sort of be the anti-Obama. It’s kind of crazy. He can’t really repair that. Now he has to lean on his new-found support from the people who opposed him for the last year and a half and that support is dependent on him doing not just this but a lot more, more heavily involve the United States in Syria which is not clear that he wants to do.

He could end up with the worst of both worlds being called a hypocrite by those who voted for him and being called enough of an interventionalist by his new friends. Right now he’s getting a lot of praise.

We’ll see what happens in a couple of days when Assad perpetrates another attack or Russians escalate on the ground. Is Donald Trump going to continue escalating US  involvement in Syria? I think he doesn’t know yet. If he does he’ll burn his supporters more. If he doesn’t he’ll lose the praise of his new friends. He’s put himself in a tough spot.


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Ridiculous. The same argument could be made had Trump done nothing in response to the chemical attack.

There is no pleasing these people.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to navyvet. | April 8, 2017 at 1:50 pm


    CNN always lies.

    They’re called Clinton News Network for very good reasons.

    Jackie in reply to navyvet. | April 9, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Right. The same argument could be made for every single thing Trump does. It was a limited attack where everyone was warned. What’s the big deal? I think it was as much for North Korea as Assad. Everyone knew Obama would do nothing whatever the provocation. We had to establish we are willing to act.

Big deal. This guy would say Trump’s put himself in a tough spot just by winning the election.

And he’d be right—it’s much simpler to lose … in both the Electoral College, and in the Middle East.

Come on, people, it’s just Josh’s way of getting back at the world.

You’d have a permanent chip on your shoulder, too, if your parents’ idea of a neat prank was to name you after an Indian goat curry dish.

Too bad for Josh that nobody of any consequence considers CNN a source of news anymore. The very fact that CNN is complaining means that Trump did the right thing.

    Old0311 in reply to Dimsdale. | April 8, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Rosie O’Donnell is my go to source for news when Michael Moore isn’t available because he is trapped in a Subway’s restroom.

healthguyfsu | April 8, 2017 at 11:45 am

Coulter was very critical of Bill Clinton’s lack of action in the Middle East. Can’t have it both ways, Ann.

    Didn’t Coulter complain about Trump during the election? There is a Salon article from March 2016 about her complaints. So what – she always is complaining.

It has been stunning to see the Media explaining that Trump has alienated his base because the Alt-Right, Facist, Klansmen are Pacifists!

I have literally seen this.

Burned how? This is the kind of “proportional response” targeted airstrike that used to be routine business-as-usual.

And the kind he talked about quite a bit in the early debates.

Now, if we invaded Syria — American boots on the ground — like the Iraq war all over again… then the “critics” would have a point. But I don’t see any signs of that…


“BRIANNA KEILAR: What do the quote unquote real people, the supporters who voted him into office. What do they think?”

Really? “real people”? I guess they haven’t set up their flyover country news bureau.

Common Sense | April 8, 2017 at 1:10 pm

Trump has been in a tough spot since he announced his run for the White House as far as the media is concerned.

CNN the is part of the never Trump fools and this is just one example of that. The CNN analyst is a flaming idiot!

Condition normal CNN hates President Trump and will do anything to destroy or damage him. 🙁

Drudge has support for the strike at 66%

At least it was not an aspirin factory that received the full onslaught of the cruise missiles

1. Trump supporters are bots
2. Trump loses supporters over Syria action.

1. Trump is in Putin’s pocket
2. Trump is risking war with Russia.

1. Dems are evil
2. Dems are stupid.

Cleaning up the mess created by Barry!

That’s not a bad poll. Trump could save an orphan from a hungry lion and 21% of polled people would complain about how he hates endangered Africans.

Libera wishcasting.

davidfarrar | April 8, 2017 at 4:44 pm

Let’s see, Pres. Trump was able to withstand the neocon onslaught for a full two-half months! I am not complaining, mind you. I mean, we all knew sooner or later he would succumb to the inevitable. In fact, he lasted longer than I would have guessed two months ago. Like the Bushes, I was expecting him to equivocate soon after taking office.

Trump has not damaged himself, severely, with his base; yet. But, he was elected because he was supposed to be anti-establishment. The closer he aligns himself with the Establishment, its aims and goals, the more support he loses.

So far, he has supported the totally bogus Ryancare scheme. Now he has attacked Syria with little attempt at justifying the move. Both of these actions were directly in line with the wishes of the Establishment. A couple more and his supporters will be placed in the position of acknowledging that no elected politician is going to represent their positions. Then we will have a real problem, in this country. Trump should probably go back to honoring his campaign promises and stop listening to his advisers.

Well I am surprised that most of his supporters liked the strikes. I didn’t and a whole bunch of felt shocked by them, like he’d lost the thread.

But it seems he may find the thread again.

There were a lot of trolls immediately on places like Breitbart and r/the_donald saying Trump was terrible now and to dump Trump. That’s what they are hoping for.

I don’t like several things that happened recently, but I will surely vote to reelect him in 2020. And make sure my family and friends get to the polls too. If Trump can clean up some of the illegal voters, we’re gonna try to win NY for Trump in 2020!

I think Trump knows and he has already we don’t want another Iraq or Afghanistan. He is so far only doing what Reagan did in 1986 when he bombed Libya including strikes towrds Quaddafi. My suspicion is he is in Syria and NKorea trying to push back on American weakness without troops involved.

Hard to believe any liberal is that knowledgeable about Trump supporters. Seems like they and “some” pro-Trump people think that all Trump supporters are libertarians. IMO people voted for Trump for differing reasons. That may mean that whatever he does some contingent of Trump supporters may get annoyed. I would hope that Trump supporters are not as needy as libs and give the man a chance to settle in and see what works for his administration and the nation.