Australian ISIS fighter Khaled Sharrouf is believed to have been killed in a drone strike in 2015; however, Australian authorities have not been able to confirm this. Sharrouf is perhaps best known and reviled for his “that’s my boy!” photo of himself and his young son, with the child . . . holding up a severed head.

A recent video release featuring Sharrouf’s son wearing a suicide vest has prompted further investigation into Sharrouf’s possible death.

9News reports:

Police are investigating whether a new video, which features the eight-year-old son of Australian ISIS fighter Khaled Sharrouf wearing a suicide vest, proves the terrorist is still alive.

The recently shot video, which was intercepted by counter-terrorism officials, shows the boy wearing an ISIS flag headband and wielding a gun and knife, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The Australian government has been unable to confirm if Sharrouf died in a drone strike that killed fellow Australian ISIS fighter Mohamad Elomar in Syria in June 2015 and he remains the subject of an active arrest warrant.

In the video, Sharrouf can reportedly be heard asking his youngest son his methods for killing “non-Muslims” and “Australians”.

The boy then reportedly demonstrates how he would enact these killings before reciting phrases glorifying ISIS.

Sharrouf was the first dual citizen stripped of his Australian citizenship.