You wouldn’t know it from reading the Associated Press headline, but the latest terrorist attack which left three dead was perpetrated by a gunman who yelled, “Allahu Akbar” while being arrested.

The AP isn’t wrong that the suspect said “God is great”, but why translate a common jihadi mantra? Thanks to 9/11 and the ensuing war on terror, ever American is familiar with the negative connotations of “Allahu Akbar”.

But they didn’t stop there. Another AP headline claimed associates of the suspected terrorist claimed he was “peaceful.” Last I checked, offing people in the name of Allah is hardly “peaceful”.

Contrast that with The Telegraph’s coverage:

Kori Ali Muhammad, the 39-year-old suspect, told law enforcement he hated white people.

The AP’s political bias has been well documented on our blog over the years and as we’ve discussed, is particularly problematic in that virtually every local news outlet in the country subscribes to the AP wire as their primary source of news.

I fully understand the progressive hesitancy to label an individual motivated or inspired by radical Islam as such. It’s what Tom Wolfe referred to as “radical chic.” But none of that changes that the collective progressive (and  AP) refusal to acknowledge radical Muslim terrorist-like acts doesn’t in any way make them less terroristy.


12:09 PM, 04/19 and the AP recants:

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