Cut off all government funding to the school. If they don’t like the flag, they don’t deserve the benefits that come with it.

Red Alert Politics reports:

UC-Davis student government banishes American flag from meetings

Throughout its extensive history, the American flag has had its peaks and troughs. It’s been hoisted by U.S. marines at Iwo Jima in World War II and burned as an effigy in places like the Middle East. However now, the student government at University of Califorinia-Davis doesn’t think the American flag is representative of all.

According to Campus Reform, the Student Senate at UC-Davis voted to strike a bylaw that requires the American flag to be displayed at meetings. The bill states that “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual, it should not be compulsory that the flag is in view at all times during Senate meetings.”

The bill continues. “Considering that the flag is seldom present at Senate meetings, it should not be mandated by the Bylaws as a codified practice. Alternatively, it should be at the discretion of the Senate whether presenting the flag is presently necessary.”

Deborah Porter, political director of the UC-Davis College Republicans, was not having any of it, calling it disrespectful to those in uniform.