For David Ignatius, what is an acceptable number of terrorists and terrorist attacks in the United States? The question arises because on today’s Morning Joe, Ignatius, of the Washington Post, was discussing the Trump admin statement that since 9/11, 300 people admitted from countries on the reissued executive order have been subject to “criminal, counter-terrorism investigations.”

Sniffed Ignatius: that’s a “tiny number.” Really? If those 300 had not been caught up in counter-terrorism investigations, how many would have carried out terrorist attacks? If only 1-in-20 had, that would be 15 terrorist attacks. Fifteen San Bernadinos, Pulses. Even one. Tiny?

The discussion began with a clip of Chuck Schumer claiming the revised order makes us “less safe, not safer.”

CHUCK SCHUMER: The truth is, there is very little new or improved about this executive order. It’s barely a fresh coat of paint on the same car that doesn’t drive. It’s still a travel ban. It’s still a refugee ban. It still makes us less safe, not safer.

. . .

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: David Ignatius, how does this make us safer, if you could explain the ban to us.

DAVID IGNATIUS: . . . There’s an assertion that 300 refugees have been a subject of criminal counter-terrorism investigations. So see, here’s the threat as people have looked at those numbers, they’ve noted that 300 people is, by one count, 1/15 of 1% of the refugees who have come since 9/11 from the six countries that are subject to this ban. So it’s a tiny number.