Diversity is now so important it can bring extra pay?

Campus Reform reports:

UW-Green Bay offers profs $2K to ‘diversify their courses’

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is offering up to 10 faculty members a $2,000 stipend each to “create an inclusive classroom environment” and “diversify their courses.”

According to a Wednesday announcement on the matter, the “Inclusivity Fellows Program” is seeking 10 candidates, either faculty members or instructors, to “infuse inclusive materials into one of their classes, use diverse teaching methods, create an inclusive classroom environment” and simply “learn more about implicit biases and stereotyping.”

For doing so, each Fellow will receive a $2,000 stipend, meaning the Inclusivity Fellows Program could ultimately set the school back by as much as $20,000.

Wednesday’s call for applicants describes the fellows program as “an opportunity for faculty and instructors to become more culturally competent teachers by providing them time and resources from the one-time funds to diversify their courses.”

Applicants are expected to submit a 400-word statement specifically outlining which course they “would like to revise” to be more inclusive while explaining what they “hope to achieve” with their revised course.