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University to Launch ‘Bystander Training Program on Microaggressions’

University to Launch ‘Bystander Training Program on Microaggressions’

“be prepared to intervene”

It’s not enough to not use microaggressiona. You have to pester other people you catch using them, too.

The College Fix reports:

Public university to roll out ‘bystander training program on microaggressions’

See something, say something comes to campus.

Illinois State University officials are preparing to roll out a new “bystander training program on microaggressions.”

“Once the bystander training program on microaggressions is up and running later this academic year, the program will be offered as a presentation and Q-and-A session to student groups and campus departments by request,” campus spokesman Eric Jome told The College Fix via email.

“The program presentations will help to define what microaggressions are and provide strategies for people who encounter them in social, classroom, or professional settings,” Jome stated, who noted the program’s start date has not been officially set.

The training was first announced in a public university news release last fall titled “Standing up to microaggressions” that detailed a recent campus climate report that found “women and students of color described experiencing microaggressions, both in the classroom and on-campus. In that report, participants described frequently feeling isolated, invalidated, and stereotyped.”

Citing research that suggests “chronic exposure to experiences of racism has been linked to depression, autoimmune disorders, and other disorders that compromise the body’s ability to maintain wellness,” the university’s release added: “As members of the Redbird community we should all be aware of microaggressions and be prepared to intervene.”


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Who wouldn’t want to work with such people? Their success is assured