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University Admin Claims ‘Whiteness’ Goes Against Christianity

University Admin Claims ‘Whiteness’ Goes Against Christianity

“speech entitled, “Working Against Whiteness”

How do people with such ridiculous views get high level jobs in higher education?

The Daily Caller reports:

University Admin: ‘Whiteness’ Goes Against Christianity

A university administrator delivered a speech in which he described “whiteness” as “a way of thinking, a way of acting” that is fundamentally opposed to Christianity.

Paul Dionne, Inclusive Success Coordinator for Beloit College’s Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness, gave a speech entitled, “Working Against Whiteness” as part of a “Love Made Public” lecture series. The lecture series started during the fall, but resumed this semester.

To help define “whiteness,” Dionne instructed the student attendees to chant “imperialist, capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy,” a phrase originating from feminist and self-avowed socialist bell hooks, who spells her name with all lowercase letters.

“Working against whiteness for me is interrogating myself and who I am and where I come from and all of my privileges,” said the school administrator, according to an audio file of the event obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.


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The Friendly Grizzly | March 22, 2017 at 2:06 pm

With so many denominations supporting unfettered non-Christian and non-white immigration, isn’t it in fact that at least some Christianity is anti-white?

Walker Evans | March 22, 2017 at 2:56 pm

” …Inclusive Success Coordinator for Beloit College’s Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness … “

The perfect title for a progressive liberal loonie who couldn’t get a real job if his life depended on doing so!

If anyone is wondering why tuition has gotten so high at most colleges, the major cause is administrative bloat. Does a college really need an “Inclusive Success Coordinator?” Does it need an Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness? Here are its self-declared reasons that students should be paying their high administrative salaries (no English translation of the jargon is provided):

“OADI reimagines how diversity and inclusion operates by using an equity asset-based framework. This entails reforming institutional structures and practices to position underrepresented bodies and their assets (lived experiences, skills, and mindsets) at the center. OADI recognizes and values marginalized approaches to knowledge production and dissemination. Our work disrupts understandings of what is considered “academic” by centering and valuing non-majority discursive practices and ways of knowing.”

David in Cal | March 22, 2017 at 7:15 pm

IMHO the cause of the problem is an unwillingness to stand up for the existing culture. More than that, it’s antipathy to the existing culture.

Allowing large numbers of immigrants into the country and bringing large numbers of minorities into colleges were both goodhearted efforts. But, the new entrants needed to be brought into the existing culture. When the presence of the new entrants is used as an excuse to undermine the existing culture, bad things ensue.

“Paul Dionne, Inclusive Success Coordinator for Beloit College’s Office for Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness….”

Minor Mystery of the Ages: Why is Paul Dionne in his current position when he’s much more qualified to be, oh say, an assistant manager at McDonald’s?