This is another win for Ben Shapiro and Young America’s Foundation.

The Daily Caller reported:

California University Embraces Free Speech After Threatened With Lawsuit

A university has updated its free speech policies following a lawsuit filed by a conservative speaker whose event was almost cancelled at the school.

Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire and his partner organization, Young America’s Foundation, sued California State University, Los Angeles, after a virtual riot broke out at his scheduled speaking engagement. Shapiro “was met by a mob of violent protesters who had blocked entrances to the event, physically attacked attendees, and blocked entrances to the speech,” according to The Daily Wire.

Shapiro and Young America’s Foundation dismissed the lawsuit after the school made some changes to its free speech policies, as noted in The Daily Signal.

California State University, Los Angeles, pledged to “not impose any fees, including security fees, based upon the viewpoint of the speech” at future events. The school also pledged to “not unilaterally refuse to schedule or cancel any scheduled event based upon the viewpoint of the speech that is to take place,” adding that it will “enforce terms of its Administrative Policy on Time, Place, and Manner of Free Expression P007 in a viewpoint-neutral manner,” as reported by Young America’s Foundation.

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