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U. Maryland to Hire ‘Undocumented Student Coordinator’

U. Maryland to Hire ‘Undocumented Student Coordinator’

“to advocate for, advise, represent, and protect”

A staffer dedicated to illegal immigrant students funded with tax dollars. How is this even legal?

FOX News reports:

University of Maryland to hire ‘undocumented student coordinator’

The University of Maryland is facing backlash from some conservative groups because they are creating an “undocumented student coordinator” position.

Advocates for strict enforcement of immigration laws say the university’s move is putting politics ahead of the law and at the taxpayers’ expense.

The decision follows a campus group, ProtectUMD, who issued 64 demands of university officials. One of those demands calls for “a full-time undocumented student coordinator to advocate for, advise, represent, and protect undocumented students.” In the 2017 debate over immigration reform, one person’s “undocumented immigrant” is another person’s “illegal immigrant.”

Bob Dane, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says Maryland’s move is about advancing a political agenda on campus and one that is opposed to the reforms the Trump administration wants.

“It’s about politics and this protest isn’t legitimate. A university can disagree with the law, but that doesn’t give them the right to aid and abet and harbor illegal immigration, which is really what all of these sanctuary policies and those at the University of Maryland are all about,” said Dane.

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Walker Evans | March 19, 2017 at 2:51 pm

What is the difference, other than semantics, between “an undocumented student coordinator” and someone who is aiding and abetting illegal aliens in their efforts to avoid deportation?

as a subsidiary entity of the State of MD, the university has the absolute constitutional right to refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement, so long as the state legislature doesn’t say otherwise. On the other hand this “coordinator” had better not keep any records of his/her “clients”, because ICE can easily get a warrant to search his/her office for those records and seize them. ICE also has the right to put the office under surveillance and question anyone seen entering or leaving it. I’m not sure if these activists realise that.

In Atlanta, many (most?) of the immigration lawyers here have raised their prices.

They are also refusing to do 20-minute consultations for $100 which is something a lot of people used to get their immigration questions quickly answered instead of having to pay $300 for an hour’s consultation.