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Students Face Discipline for Chanting ‘Trump’ at Basketball Game

Students Face Discipline for Chanting ‘Trump’ at Basketball Game

“It was like, OK, we get it.”

Would any students anywhere ever get punished for chanting Obama, no matter the circumstances?

The College Fix reported:

Chants of ‘Trump!’ during basketball game ‘racially motivated’; students face possible discipline

A group of Connecticut high schoolers may face disciplinary measures after they had the unmitigated gall to hold “Trump” signs, wear “Trump” clothing, and shout “Trump!” at times during a basketball game against a rival school.

The actions of this cadre from Canton High School apparently were too much even for some hometown fans, as they ended up emailing apologies to opponent Classical Magnet School.

According to the Hartford Courant, some thought the students’ behavior was “racially motivated.” Classical’s student body is predominately black and Hispanic.

Classical fans who were at the game reported hearing “Trump” chants “throughout the game, and not just at the free throw line.” They also saw “Trump signs and Trump-Pence campaign aparrel [sic],” and the Classical manager for the basketball team “said the chants included a sing-song ‘He’s our president!’”

The manager added, “I’m not sure what politics has to do with basketball. It was just annoying. It was like, OK, we get it.”

Gasp! Annoying actions by rival fans at a sporting event?? Say it isn’t so!!


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send them to yale to counter the snowflakes…

Walker Evans | March 4, 2017 at 3:51 pm

I so look forward to the day when the “race card” is finally pulled out of the deck and burned. President Trump’s actions at Mar-A-Lago prior to running for election prove he is anything but a racist unlike, say, the Black Lives Matter people!