Silly political correctness strikes again. Stormtroopers are an essential set of characters in the Star Wars universe. How can you have a Star Wars party without them?

The Washington Times reported:

‘Stormtroopers’ banned from ‘Star Wars’-themed college reunion over alleged Nazi inspiration

Graduates from Princeton’s 2012 class will not be able to attend a “Star Wars”-themed party in Stormtrooper gear due to fears that it will convey a racist message.

A rules committee organizing a five-year class reunion party in early June around the fictional “Star Wars” universe was contacted about characters allegedly inspired by World War II-era events. Subsequently, Stormtroopers will not be allowed.

An update sent to those who RSVP’d to an Eventbright invitation was obtained Tuesday by Heatstreet.

“A few of our classmates reached out expressing concerns over our choice to use Stormtroopers as our costume inspiration,” the email said. “We have been informed of the origin of this word and its connections to early- to mid-20th century Germany. This is something neither we nor anyone on your Reunion Committee were aware of, but something we take very seriously. Tonight we made the unanimous decision to remove these costumes.”

Featured image via YouTube.