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Sorority to Allow Membership for Transgender Women Nation-Wide

Sorority to Allow Membership for Transgender Women Nation-Wide

Alpha Chi Omega

If the social justice warriors in Hollywood ever remake Animal House, you know this would be a factor.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sorority Will Allow Transgender Women to Become Members Nation-Wide

Alpha Chi Omega is the first sorority to announce that it will allow transgender women to become members at all of its chapters nation-wide.

Fraternities and sororities have begun to accept transgender students into their chapters. For example, there were four University of Minnesota Greek groups–three fraternities and one sorority–that already allowed transgender students to become members, Minnesota Daily reports.

Alex Hansen, president of the UMN’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter, received the announcement on Feb. 17, and said the sorority is excited about the change.

“I know that on a national level, it was a question that was starting to come up a lot,” Hansen said. “It’s not something that a lot of chapters nationally have made the choice to have.”

One Alpha Chi Omega member believed that this change will help break stereotypes that people have about Greek organizations and will make her sorority more inclusive.


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Alex Hansen may be “excited” about the change, but my money says Alpha Chi Omega will experience a major drop in pledges in the coming year.

Anyone care to make a friendly wager?