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Senate Committee Postpones Gorsuch Nomination Vote Until Next Monday

Senate Committee Postpones Gorsuch Nomination Vote Until Next Monday

At request of Democrats

Last week, Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster the vote on Trump Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Now, at the request of Dems, the Senate Judiciary Committee is postponing the vote on Gorsuch’s nomination until next Monday.

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Democrats want another week to beat him up in the media before the vote. They’re still looking for a clue on how to legitimize their opposition to his nomination. #Fail

They should have said no. Gone forward and let them try to filibuster.

Surprise, surprise.

We have two Dem senators who have voted “no” on virtually every Trump nominee. What ever happened to representing your constituents rather than your party? These senators should be negotiating with the Trump folks to get commitments for billions of dollars of infrastructure work in our state in return for their votes. That’s the way things used to work.

Instead of negotiating for the benefit of their state, these senators are wasting their votes in a futile gesture of party purity. They know that Gorsuch is competent and will be confirmed, yet they aren’t willing to use their votes for the benefit of their state. We need different senators.

Hopefully Mitch McConnell has the rule change drawn up to end the filibuster.

I thought getting him confirmed before April was important because of some of the cases coming up?

What a bunch of pantywaists

Can we say, “Nuclear Option”? Judge Gorsuch is an outstanding jurist. The damn Dems are only pulling these shenanigans because he was nominated by Donald Trump! Time to dump the political BS, approve him, and move on!