Should conservatives be rooting for the health care bill to pass the House today, or be defeated or withdrawn? Joe Scarborough made an interesting observation today, quoting the late Senator Paul Simon at the end of his career on the biggest lesson he had learned: “sometimes when you win, you lose. And sometimes when you lose, you win.”

Scarborough pointed to the way Democrats whooped it up when they “won” on Obamacare in 2010 . . . and proceeded to experience six years of political “hell,” losing 1,000 seats across the country. Opined Scarborough, “I think the best thing that could happen is this bill goes down today. Actually, that they pull it. Let them start renegotiating from the very beginning, do it the right way and move on to tax reform, something that will unite all conservatives.

What do readers think? I have yet to hear a single voice expressing unbridled enthusiasm for this bill. The best case for it was probably made in this Wall Street Journal editorial, but even there, it was described only as a “realistic compromise.”


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