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Professors at Columbia Blame Student Suicides on Trump

Professors at Columbia Blame Student Suicides on Trump

“malaise that sits like a fog over Columbia”

Of course. Everything is Trump’s fault, right?

Campus Reform reports:

Columbia profs blame student suicides on Trump

Professors at Columbia University want space to discuss their “distress” over Donald Trump’s election, saying they don’t know anyone who isn’t “chronically and deeply” upset by the result.

In a letter to Columbia President Lee Bollinger, professors Robert Pollack and Letty Moss-Salentijn, the co-chairs of the Columbia Faculty Affairs Committee, say Trump’s election has cast a “malaise that sits like a fog over Columbia” that not even George Orwell’s classic 1984 can adequately address.

“We know no one at Columbia who is not upset, chronically and deeply, since the election,” declare Pollack and Moss-Salentijn, who even go so far as to blame the result for recent student suicides.

“We know this is true of the administration, and your letter certainly embodies this distress,” they continue, referring to Bollinger’s statement responding to Trump’s executive order on immigration. “We know it is true of our students, and the cluster of suicides this month can have no other meaning.”

“But what of ourselves, and what of our colleagues; that is, what of the faculty?” the professors query piteously. “So, Mr. President, we are asking you how we, the faculty, may embody what the university values, with a sense of full obligation and with the assurance of full recognition.”

Specifically, they want Columbia to provide links on its website to “all sites that serve the purpose of protecting and sustaining our freedoms,” which apparently includes information on getting the government to help pay student loan debt in exchange for public service.


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How morbidly stupid! Trump won. Live with it!

The Infidel | March 4, 2017 at 6:03 am

Translation: no student at columbia university should have been allowed to enroll, due to their lack of emotional intelligence.

Step 1) Lie vigorously in order to convince everybody that the end of the world is coming because DJT got elected.
Step 2) When everybody becomes depressed, blame the depression and resulting suicides on DJT.
Step 3) Try not to look in any mirrors.