It was the most infuriating, heartbreaking, conversation on abortion this Insurrectionist has seen. On his Monday night Fox News show, Tucker Carlson asked Planned Parenthood Executive VP Dawn Laguens six ways to Sunday how she feels about aborting fetuses after five-and-a-half weeks, at which point the baby’s heartbeat can be heard.

But no matter how he framed it, Laguens refused to answer, hiding behind a series of canned responses about a women’s right to choose, etc. At one point, Tucker said, “I’m asking you a human question, and hope you’ll favor me with a human answer.”

But of course, Laguens wouldn’t. Because she couldn’t. If she had answered honestly—that of course, an unborn child with a detectable heartbeat is a separate human life—she would effectively admit the inhumanity of abortion.

But if she had denied it, claiming such a baby wasn’t a distinct life, she would have painted herself, and Planned Parenthood, as venal deniers of reality. As a frustrated Carlson concluded at the segment’s end: “that was a uniquely shallow conversation, Dawn.”


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