Leftists will hate this law because it prevents them from taking over these groups and turning them into progressive outlets.

The College Fix reports:

Christian clubs can’t be forced to accept non-Christian leaders under new Kentucky law

Tucked into a new Kentucky law that protects religious expression in public schools are provisions that protect college students’ freedom of speech and association.

The so-called Charlie Brown law was prompted by a public school excising a Bible verse from its production of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

It has drawn the most attention for preventing school officials from “punishing students for wearing religious messages on their clothes and expressing religious or political beliefs in homework, artwork and speeches,” the Associated Press reports.

But it’s also a state-level response to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Martinez ruling that allowed public colleges to force religious student clubs to accept leaders who do not share their religious beliefs.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship lost its recognition at California State University campuses during the 2014-15 school year because it refused to change its written bylaws that limit leadership roles to Christians. It later changed its bylaws so it could return.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education praises this Kentucky prohibition on “all comers” policies in the new law, as well as a prohibition on many forms of campus speech restriction.

The new law blocks colleges from “discriminating against a religious or political student group on the basis of its ‘internal affairs,’ including how it selects leaders and members,”