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Muslim Students at Columbia Demand Religious Advisor and Prayer Room

Muslim Students at Columbia Demand Religious Advisor and Prayer Room

“to help cope with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical toll”

Watch as progressive students and faculty members bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Campus Reform reports:

Muslim students demand prayer space, religious advisor

Muslim students at Columbia University are demanding a full-time religious advisor and a permanent prayer space accessible during academic breaks.

According to The Columbia Spectator, the school’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) met with student government representatives Monday to lobby for the two initiatives, securing pledges of support from several members, but no specific promises.

The most recent demand, originally articulated in a petition crafted by the MSA Executive Board, calls on Columbia to “create a fully-funded, full-time position for a Muslim Religious Life Advisor in the Office of the University Chaplain,” pointing out that several other Ivy League institutions have established similar positions recently in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration.

“The Muslim community is in need, now more than ever, of institutional support to help cope with the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical toll these recent political events have on us as students of faith,” the MSA states. “Students who are visibly Muslim, such as women wearing hijab, are increasingly concerned for their safety as they publicly practice and express their faith.”


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A prayer room I can reluctantly agree to, although I’d prefer religion to be off-campus unless at an explicitly religious institution.

I can’t agree to a full-time paid position for religious advisor, though.
Go through the Chaplain’s office and make a case for hiring a religious advisor if you think you can prove the need. I’d even be willing to bet that there is a procedure to do this, and I’d further bet that it is not DEMAND!!

Richard Aubrey | March 23, 2017 at 6:37 pm

Make sure it’s one of the wilder Wahhabi.

Why? Why the “advisor”?

A prayer room and a religious advisor???? Had this been a request from Christian students we would have heard volumes about the separation of church and state and how this request simply cannot be tolerated for it is unconstitutional.
As for Muslims and their of concerns about safety, one should look at the facts. How many Christians or others are killed or injured from Muslim attacks across the US or the world as compared to how many Muslims are killed or injured from attacks by anti-Muslim people. It should be noted that fake attacks where Muslim “attack themselves” in a fake racist attack should not be allowed into the data set.