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Mika: probably time for Kellyanne to ‘pack it up’

Mika: probably time for Kellyanne to ‘pack it up’

Last month, Mika banned Kellyanne from Morning Joe: now, she wants her to go

Last month, Mika Brzezinski in essence banned presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway from Morning Joe. Saying she doesn’t believe in “fake news,” Mika declared that Conway has tried to book herself on MJ, but “I won’t do it.”

Brzezinski took things a big step further this morning, seeming to call for Conway to quit the Trump administration. In the context of discussing the criticism of the White House by the Office of Governmental Ethics for not disciplining Conway for her endorsement of Ivanka’s clothing line, Mika said “it’s probably time for [Conway] to pack it up.”

Mika is free to express her opinion. But somehow, we doubt that when it comes to personnel policy, the Trump administration looks to Morning Joe for guidance.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: The government ethics office is criticizing the White House’s refusal to discipline Kellyanne Conway for her live television endorsement of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Is that bad? Are you not supposed to do that? Wait. Are you not supposed to use your position in Washington to promote clothes?

MIKA: Oh, my God. No, you’re really not. No.

JOE: Who could have ever guessed that?

MIKA: And Ivanka doesn’t want you to do that. Nobody does.

JOE: No, she doesn’t. You’re not doing anybody a favor.

MIKA: So stop thinking you do. The ethics director fired off a letter to top members of the oversight committee because in Washington, there’s really nothing to do, so this is important. Anyhow. The watchdog also said it was disturbed by the administration’s, quote, extraordinary assertion that White House employees are exempt from some of those regulations. I will say it’s time for her to probably pack it up.


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What? They aren’t reporting on the flag capture?

Shia LeBouf’s “He willnot divide us” flag got located and replaced

I think Mika and Joe should be “packed up”.

Just saying…

Apparently, “Soft Targets” is all this show can muscle.

Mika is dumb. The only reason she is on that show is because her Daddy is one of the New World Order freaks, and MSNBC is on board.

Trump needs to stand fast. Not one step backwards. The Enemy is trying to strip him of his brightest and most trusted staff one by one. He can’t let that happen.

Ban “Morning Joe” from getting press releases.

No prisoners. No respite. No mercy.

This is in reverse order. Mika just wants Kellyanne – the first successful female Presidential campaign manager – to go because This Cannot Stand, and any tool at hand no matter how slight is a fine fig leaf.

    Old0311 in reply to jeffweimer. | March 10, 2017 at 9:37 am

    Mika just doesn’t want to be around a blonde whose description doesn’t include “dumb” like hers does.

      meyou in reply to Old0311. | March 10, 2017 at 11:17 am

      Can you imagine Mika running someone’s campaign, let alone helping them get elected? Once Mika and Joe’s relationship became public, they both seemed to develop a bit of realism. Alas it didn’t last long.

Kellyanne is very impressive. She can get through to the viewers because she is persuasive. This is the root of Mika’s problem with her.

The treatment of Kellyanne is very much like the treatment of DJT: members of the Democratic propaganda press have no problem straying far, far from the scope and content of her remarks, displaying endless spite.

The problem is, the spite has become all too visible, because normal people who want to can simply call up the original conversation, and view it.

Who gives a rip what these people think?

Rule #1 – never take advice from your enemies.

DT made it clear from the start that rules of civility, truth, and integrity did NOT apply to him.
Now that he’s announced that ethics rules don’t apply to him or his cabal, we ought to just sit down and shut up.

    Andy in reply to Lee Jan. | March 10, 2017 at 11:19 am

    meanwhile, cash will circulated for decades with TAX CHEAT scribed for Tim Geitners signature.

    wendybar in reply to Lee Jan. | March 10, 2017 at 11:31 am

    So far, the only people I see who are trying to make people sit down and shut up are you progressive liberals. Just look at the colleges. I haven’t seen Donald Trump try to shut anybody up…it was Mika the Progressive in this story.

    Jackie in reply to Lee Jan. | March 10, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Did the NY Slimes and various other mainstream news sites say Trump was bugged? (Despite the fact the Slimes changed their story 3 months later) and that there is some sort of relationship between Trump and the Russians? Is there an iota, a scintilla of evidence proving this allegation? Do you have Obama’s intelligence heads saying there is no proof of collusion with the Ruskies? Does the FBI have any proof verifying the mainstream medias anti Trump scenario? The answer is no. There is no evidence and you are complaining about Trump? Don’t you worry about the proven liars in the media attacking the elected leader of this country in an effort to overthrow the legal government? Like most progressives your politics is your religion and you will try to destroy a good man to push your socialist Soros financed agenda.

So what were they all marching for the other day? I forget

    Conan in reply to Obie1. | March 10, 2017 at 11:14 am

    They seem to think they can march for any reason and the act itself is suppose to sway people their is a major problem of course. They don’t even feel they have to specify anything and the country isn’t going for the unspecified crisis thing anymore. It will be even worse if they do this in an improving country. People will see this as just trying to gain political power through grievance which is what it is.

Someone should tell these fools that calling for extreme measures like impeachment, resignation etc is not what anyone outside of their unhinged base wants to hear. We are no even to month 2 of 4 years and if they think they can just manufacture outrage outside their base with this they are mistaken and by manufacturing outrage inside their base over made-up charges the rest of the country DOES NOT view them as valid commentators or especially leaders of their country. They will make themselves political outcasts if they keep this up.

why is it when a newsreader has a family member as a bigwig in the the Democratic party they are jerks, see also Chris Cuomo

War on(of) Women

Watch as the Femins eat each other alive.

Fun times.

Morning Joe could do a “Groundhog Day Without Wenches” by kicking Mika to the kurb…

Bucky Barkingham | March 10, 2017 at 2:02 pm

An, arguably successful, woman intimidated by another strong, successful woman. LibDem ideology trumps feminism every time where Conservatives are involved.

“valegorge | March 10, 2017 at 1:11 pm
Watch as the Femins eat each other alive.

Fun times.”

Videos on this subject can be found on where noted empowerer of women, Bill Clinton, watches clips and fully enjoys his “fun times.”

Well Kellyanne was very successful in her pitch for Ivanka, her sales are up something like 300 percent or so. Kellyanne could get Mika’s job if she wanted it because Mika’s sponsors notice sales drop after her sales pitches.

Someone might want to remind Mika what she talks about on the lecture series hawking her book. Here’s a promo quote:

“Mika helps women pinpoint their individual definition of success. She advises her listeners to define the “professional value” that encompasses their worth in the workplace, and the “inner value” made up of their core beliefs and goals.”

Guess she doesn’t practice what she preaches. KellyAnne is doing just fine for herself, no thanks to any help from Mika.

Mika suffers from Irrelevant Syndrome, for which Hillary Clinton is the poster girl.

Zbigniew must be so proud.