Looks like Rachel Maddow’s feminist solidarity doesn’t extend to Melania Trump . . . Appearing on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this morning, did Maddow express outrage over a newspaper report on the possibility that Melania Trump had in the past worked as an “escort?” Not at all. To the contrary, Maddow described Melania’s lawsuit against the newspaper involved as part of an “attack” and “assault” on the media. Maddow fretted that the media lacked the resources to “fight back.”

Maddow never identified the newspaper in question. In fact, far from lacking resources to “fight back,” the Daily Mail announced in 2012 that it was the largest newspaper website in the world. It has annual revenues in the billions of dollars.

How do you think Maddow would have handled matters if it had been a leading liberal lady who had been accused of working as an “escort?”

RACHEL MADDOW: I’m proud of the press in the first 50 days of the Trump administration, but do I think the press is under attack? Absolutely. Do I wish the business model of American journalism was stronger and that the media had more resources to fight back against the inevitable fights to come? Yeah, I do worry about that.

I look at the First Lady, Melania Trump, and her $150 million lawsuit against a blogger and against a newspaper for something that they printed about her that they then retracted and apologized for and she doesn’t care. She’s going after them for $150 million and her lawyer is the one that put Gawker out of business. I look at stuff like that and I wish that American media, I wish that news in this country had more resources, more support, was shored up even stronger than it is, because I think it’s — we’ve seen the first wave of the assault and there’s more to come.