Things like this have nothing to do with serious study. Who would waste valuable college time on this?

Campus Reform reports:

Loyola-Chicago offers whites-only anti-racism group

Students who “self identify as White” at Loyola University Chicago can apply to join a safe space to learn about white privilege, institutional racism, and internalized racism.

RAW, also known as Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, is a small, closed group at LUC for white people to “engage in dialogue about their own racial identity” and “critically reflect on…their actions.”

“R.A.W. is an affinity group for White students who have passion for ending racism, who have anger and confusion about institutional racism, who have guilt and hope about internalized racism, and who have questions about race that they are afraid to ask,” the group description reads.

Members of the group, who are chosen through an application process, participate in six two-hour sessions on safe spaces, white privilege, cycles of oppression, and bystander intervention.

An article from the University of Pennsylvania discussing potential benefits of “white affinity groups” is tacked onto the side of RAW’s website. The article claims that people find groups like RAW to be “wrong or threatening” because the “thought of white people convening to discuss race conjures images of the KKK and other supremacist organizations.”