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Kasie Hunt Warns Dems on Sessions: ‘Americans Sick of Faux Outrage’

Kasie Hunt Warns Dems on Sessions: ‘Americans Sick of Faux Outrage’

Hunt: risk for Dems if they overplay their hand on Sessions

Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann were leading an overheated charge against Jeff Sessions on today’s Morning Joe, when a surprising note of caution came from an unexpected source: Kasie Hunt. Hunt is an MSNBC correspondent, not a commentator, nor someone suspected of harboring hidden conservative leanings.

Yet Hunt issued a blunt assessment on Dem dealings over Sessions. Observing that there’s danger for Dems if they overplay their hand, Hunt said: “I think one of the lessons we learned in the 2016 election is Americans are sick of faux outrage.”

Hunt described Dems as having been outraged about something where they “don’t have a solid case.” She acknowledged that Sessions’ recusal did bolster the Dems’ hand, but concluded by saying that in overplaying the matter, there’s still “risk for them.”

Note: if readers haven’t already done so, I’d encourage them to view  Tucker Carlson’s interview of AG Sessions on Fox News last night. Far from giving Sessions kid-glove treatment, Carlson asked the AG a series of probing questions. Can you imagine, say, Rachel Maddow being that tough on a Dem in the hot seat?

Also, the very fact that Sessions chose Carlson for the exclusive interview is a testament to Tucker’s recently-enhanced stature.

Note segundo: the original version of this item had Hunt saying that Americans were sick of “foul” outrage. But scrutiny of the audio suggests she was saying “faux” but mispronounced it as “fow.” There’s no audible “l” on the end of the word as she pronounces it.

WILLIE GEIST: Kasie, Democrats holding press conferences yesterday, falling all over each other, calling for the resignation [Hunt chuckles] of Jeff Sessions. They got the recusal not the resignation, obviously. What are they going to continue to push for here? Where does this go next?

KASIE HUNT: Well, Willie, the reality is Democrats are pretty limited here in what they can do, right? They can essentially make a lot of noise and I think there was pressure on them to go farther than they already had. Keep in mind, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, had called for the recusal weeks ago. So they had to kind of come out and say something else, considering all of this new evidence had come to light. But there was some variation. Schumer was a lot more measured than Nancy Pelosi, the House leader, who went so far as to say, sure, we should be talking about the penalties for perjury, which, you know, if you’re a normal citizen could potentially land you in jail.

So I do think there’s a little bit of danger for Democrats on this particular thing if they go so far as to overplay their hand. I think one of the lessons we learned in the 2016 election is that Americans are sick of faux outrage, if you will. They want somebody who’s willing to kind of dispense with all of that, put it all out there.

And I think Democrats being outraged about something where they don’t have a solid case, I think in, up to this recusal, suddenly, the facts became very clear, it became very clear that Jeff Sessions version of the facts was not presented correctly to the committee. And so action needed to be taken. Now, I think, going forward, all of Ari’s [Melber, MSNBC legal correspondent] points, valid. But still, the path forward less clear, and there’s some risk for them.


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Don’t listen to her, Dimocrats!

Keep digging, start that 2020 Trump landslide now.

    Mark Finkelstein in reply to rinardman. | March 3, 2017 at 8:55 am

    Those darn Dems didn’t take our advice to choose Keith Ellison as DNC chair, but hopefully they will ignore Kasie now and overplay the Sessions thing!

casualobserver | March 3, 2017 at 8:54 am

Americans proved in the election they are tired of more than foul outrage. The entire kabuki theatrics is old. Simply saying you are the opposition and using often childish tactics to get headlines is no longer acceptable. Many Den voters are waking up finally, too. Far left or moderate, just being outraged and displaying SJW credentials won’t be enough. The next Senate election will be interesting to watch.

legalizehazing | March 3, 2017 at 9:05 am

This moronic mess makes me excited for the 2018 Senate results

What’s to overplay? Sessions already capitulated to the left so they got what they wanted. It will just encourage them to attack more and more of Trump’s people. Sad!

This isn’t poker with a lot of bluffing and flinching. This is real life and in real life you can’t fight all the fights. You have to choose your battles. The Dems have chosen to battle everything and Kasie is right, they will lose everything. The most obvious was at the speech when Trump proposed paid family leave for everyone. The Dems sat on their hands for one of their favorite pet policies. Their constituents were watching. They won’t be bluffing when they stay home in the midterms or fill in the block for the Republican opponent who wasn’t flinching.

but mispronounced it as “fow.”

“Mispronounced”? Huh?

How should it be mispronounced?

    Helen in reply to tom swift. | March 3, 2017 at 10:47 am

    ? Faux should be pronounced as ‘fough, rhymes with dough.’ I’ve often wondered if these talking heads are just reading script when they’re on t.v. and Kasie didn’t recognize the word….along the lines of when Obama ‘mispronounced’ corpsman.

    Secondly, re: Tucker, is it too much to ask for him to understand the facts fully? For example, General Flynn did not resign because of any contacts with Russian agents, as Tucker kept asserting, he resigned because he was not forthright with his facts with VP Pence.

      tom swift in reply to Helen. | March 3, 2017 at 10:59 am

      So, what’s the phonetic distinction between “fow” and “fough”?

        Mark Finkelstein in reply to tom swift. | March 3, 2017 at 12:01 pm

        She pronounced it ‘fow’ with the ‘ow’like the sound in a cat’s ‘meow.’

          Or, ‘how now brown cow!’

          Tom Servo in reply to Mark Finkelstein. | March 3, 2017 at 12:22 pm

          a trivial note, that’s how the Germans pronounce the letter “V” (which in German is much more like our letter “F”) And their “W” is like our “V”.

          Hence VW is phonetically pronounced “fow-vay”.

          And on an even more trivial note, in English I’ve always liked “zed” better than “zee”.

      herm2416 in reply to Helen. | March 3, 2017 at 1:19 pm

      There was a lady on one of the liberal stations who said hyper-bole, instead of hy-per-bo- lee. She was even wearing her serious glasses, to add impact. Good grief.

Sessions did not lie under oath. As Ted Cruz pointed out, context is important here. For Franken to even pose the question he did was laying a trap, and Sessions didn’t see it. He answered innocently in the context of the question as he understood it.

Joe Manchin actually said a true thing regarding senatorial meetings with foreign ambassadors, including the Russians; all Senators strive to meet with all the ambassadors they can, as often as possible.

T-rump made a serious mistake when he cashiered Flynn, or allowed him to be cashiered.

Sessions’ decision to recuse himself was his to make, and I expect he did make it without pressure. I sure hope so.

I think I understand his reasoning, but I also see the merit in the Scalia response to calls for him to recuse.

    To make matters worse, whenever the MSM talk about this, they *paraphrase* the question (normally incorrectly), because the whole thing takes about a minute to play and with the short attention span of the average reporter… Squirrel!

inspectorudy | March 3, 2017 at 10:38 am

Ellison actually said that he expects jail time for Sessions! This shows what has happened to and is still happening to the Demorat party is like a bad Hollywood movie. These Congressional people have known and worked with Sessions for 20 years and yet they turned on him over this nonsense! They know he is an honest gentleman but their lust for power is unbound. It appears that there is no intelligent leadership left in the Demorat party. If they go much further with no forthcoming new evidence, they could very well become like cnn has become to FNC.

The latest kerffluffel is similar.

President Bush did not criticise Trump. That was added by the press.

He did say the press is valuable, and later added that he should have also said it should be accurate.

I would have cited an existing CNN link, but when I went to it, it mysteriously stopped playing when it got to the part about accuracy. The link I used may not be famous media, but the video plays all the way through.

It’s too late, they’ve already over-played their hand and Americans are sick of their “outrage”. And I, for one, am done with “Morning Joe” because of their crap content this week. I’m sure they won’t care about one little viewer, but they will care when it’s more.

The Democrats have nothing to lose. Neither do the Establishment people and the Globalists. So, they will try anything to win, no matter how ridiculous.

Look, if Trump’s policies are allowed to proceed, they will produce the results that he has promised and that more and more citizens actually want. So, the anti-Trump forces have to use whatever they can to hinder and, hopefully, destroy Trump. Unfortunately for them, they have no factual basis for taking any action against Trump or his administration. So, they are trying anything and everything to damage him.

It is truly pathetic to watch.

One too many baby hunts.

Before long, driving into a Lukoil will disqualify you from public office.

“Machine-gunner” Joe McCarthy Chuck Schumer would be proud.

Franken isn’t capable of laying a trap. He was fishing for non-existent Russian electoral interference, and came up empty. As for “recusal”, there is no investigation or process from which Sessions could recuse himself. He was just repeating what he said in confirmation about potential/ future investigations.
And doesn’t he have some input into what Justice investigates?