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Kaepernick Will End Anthem Protest….Now That He Needs a Job

Kaepernick Will End Anthem Protest….Now That He Needs a Job


Quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused a massive storm this past NFL season when he kneeled for the national anthem as a way to protest for social justice.

Kaepernick will probably opt out of his San Francisco 49ers contract, which means he needs a new job. That could explain why he has decided not to protest the anthem next season. Instead, he will concentrate on his charitable donations:

The Colin Kaepernick Foundation pledged to give $1 million to community organizations helping underprivileged people; the San Francisco 49ers matched with another $1 million in donations. He has followed through with monthly donations of $100,000 spread out over 10 months to organizations all over the country.

Kaepernick said the discussion about social inequality should include all people, and he plans to continue raising money for the underprivileged and presenting the “Know Your Rights” camps nationwide that he started last year.


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ugottabekiddinme | March 2, 2017 at 5:29 pm

Good. But nothing will ever wipe off the “L” on his forehead, the “L” for “Loooooooser.”

That’s mighty white of him.

Next time Kapernick’s compatriots burn an American flag, we should burn a Kapernick jersey right next to them.

Guess who will get criticized in the MSM and or arrested in some sanctuary city?

buckeyeminuteman | March 3, 2017 at 9:19 am

Don’t really care what he does in his parent’s basement.

…and such an intelligent face …