It is astonishing how much is being revealed about the “Deep State” since Donald Trump was inaugurated less than two months ago.

This week, Wikileaks published almost 9,000 documents from the CIA about the agency’s own malware used to hack into anyone’s electronics make it look like the cyber-attack came from Russia.

Now, after years of struggling for real justice from the Obama Administration that falsely claimed Tea Party groups were never targeted, citizen activists now have access to nearly 7,000 documents related to the illegal man-handling of their tax status applications by the Internal Revenue Service.

The Internal Revenue Service has located 6,924 documents potentially related to the targeting of Tea Party conservatives, two years after the group Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for them.

The watchdog group intended to find records regarding how the IRS selected individuals and organizations for audits that were requesting nonprofit tax status.

The agency will not say when it will make the documents available to the public.

“At this time, the Service is unable to provide an estimate regarding when it will complete its review of the potentially responsive documents,” the agency said. “The Service will begin producing any non-exempt, responsive documents by March 10, 2017, and, if necessary, continue to produce non-responsive records on a bi-weekly basis.”

Many Tea Party groups, including my own, were hit hard in the pocketbooks because of the delays and denials in obtaining non-profit group status. Judicial Watch went on a grail-like quest through to court system to get the newly released documentation.

For Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, the admission from the IRS represents a significant breakthrough. “Our attorneys knew that there were more records to be searched but the Obama IRS ignored this issue for years,” Fitton said in a press release.

…Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests have continued to hold the agency’s feet to the fire, even years after the events. In 2015, Judicial Watch released documents from a FOIA request that suggested the IRS targeted some of the donors of the groups who were put through the extra scrutiny.

It will be fascinating to see the revelations that will be forthcoming in the next weeks, as both batches of documents are now being scoured to discern the inner-workings of the CIA and IRS under President Obama.

Trump’s upcoming tweets may be spectacular!


Editor’s Note:

The original title improperly stated that IRS documents had been released. So far, no reports indicate documents have been released, only that they’ve been located. the title has been updated for accuracy.


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