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Did Anyone Notice a Day Without Women?

Did Anyone Notice a Day Without Women?

That sound you heard was a resounding dud

Trying to mirror the success of the post-inagural Women’s March, a Day Without Women failed to live up to the “disruptive” expectations.

I still maintain the large turnout at the Women’s March in January was due to so many women who’d already purchased tickets to see Hillary inaugurated. Her embarassing electoral loss left them with non-refundable tickets, and so they attended a march instead. But I digress…

Turns out, not everyone is privileged enough to abdicate their responsibilities for the sake of attention.

As for the ladies of Legal Insurrection? We were all here. Working.

Some would-be participants couldn’t afford to take off or even give their lady employees a full day off. It’s always a shame when basic economics foil a good activist plan:

The day was heady with symbolism, celebrated largely on social media, with hashtags and color. Women delighted in the timing of a power failure in New York: The Statue of Liberty had gone dark, as if the nation’s most iconic woman was taking the day off, too. Later, the news broke that a new sculpture had landed on Wall Street. The famed roaring bull is now being stared down by a “Fearless Girl.”

Protests and marches took place across the country, with pockets of impact: At least three school districts in Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland closed for the day because so many teachers went on strike.

Writer and bed-and-breakfast owner Jessica Ullian was also unsure how to mark the day. She couldn’t take the day off and leave everything for her husband (and inn co-owner) to handle, and just wearing red and frequenting women-owned businesses didn’t seem like enough. Then on Wednesday morning, her neighbor suggested staging a walkout. Ullian quickly printed up fliers and got a group of women from her co-working space in Coolidge Corner to join in a lunchtime demonstration, along with a few women from the Dellaria salon next door and a woman walking by whose mobile app company had given her the day off.

“Doing it by myself didn’t feel like participating in the movement,” Ullian said.

Eveline Buchatskiy, director of the Boston program for startup accelerator Techstars, gave her three female staffers the day off, although one showed up anyway. “She thought it was a joke,” Buchatskiy said.

Gianne Doherty shut the doors of her Organic Bath Co. in Charlestown at 2 p.m. to give her female employees half the day off, but Marianna Clark of Waxing the City near North Station could not do the same for her all-female staff. Closing for the day would have cost her at least $1,500, she said, and would have cost her staff valuable commissions and tips. Instead, she planned to order in lunch and dinner for her staff from women-owned restaurants in the North End. She also offered chocolates and complimentary lip waxes for customers, though she wasn’t sure if she would get a bump in business from women taking the day off.

And then there was the moral dilemma of the privileged:

For Sonya Green, figuring out what to do was a struggle. Green, who lives in Cambridge and works remotely for a Seattle-based tech firm, wrestled with the idea that only privileged women could afford to go on strike.

But she finally decided it was about standing up for those who couldn’t. At midnight, she messaged her coworkers about her plans and spent the day promoting local events on social media and attending a rally at Downtown Crossing.

Still, Green wasn’t entirely sure how much of an impact she was having.

“It’s a weird day,” she said.

My personal favorite was the guidance issued on the official Women’s March website. They provided the following out of office template for Day Without Women participants:

[Your personal greeting]

Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office today to participate in the Women’s March on Washington’s Day Without A Woman in observance of International Women’s Day. I am not working today and will respond to your message tomorrow. For anything urgent, please contact [Insert name of male colleague covering your work, if applicable].

In solidarity,

[Insert your name]

“I’m sitting at home, adorned in Soviet Red so everyone will know how valuable I am. While I’m out, the patriarchy is taking care of their business and mine. But that’s just because I’m so valuable. Did I mention how valuable my contribition to society is? VALUABLE.”

A few school districts cancelled school creating major problems for parents suddenly scrambling to find childcare, aaaand, that’s pretty much it. There was no disruption of service otherwise, no grand national impact or even local impact, aside from a few small annoyances.

There was no national revelation of women’s crucial role in society. But is anyone really arguing women don’t play a vital role in their communities? Seems like the same, tired schtick — creating an argument where none exists. It exploits the ignorance of the few desperate for some kind of relevancy on the moral self-righteousness plane. And the end result is always the same and perfectly summed up by one confused pseudo participant — “it’s a weird day.”

If a Day Without Women accomplished anything, it was to prove once again just how silly, unserious, annoying, and ideologically inconsistent neo-feminism has become.

And remind me, when will we be celebrating International Men’s Day? Oh. Right.

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Paul In Sweden | March 10, 2017 at 8:27 am

Steven Crowder had some commentary:
#InternationalWomensDay Apocalypse Begins! | Louder With Crowder – YouTube

Do you suppose that all the Planned Parenthood Clinics had to close?

Kinda like the day without illegal aliens that was held a couple of weeks ago…..who knew there was a protest event that no one went to.

Didn’t all the Dimocrat women in Congress wear red and walk out, and not do anything all day?

That’s a good thing.

I tend to associate with self confident highly educated women both at home and at work and they either never heard about it or said that those things are for women who have nothing better to do and no personal sense of self worth. On a day without immigrants our usual Mexican restaurant gets a lunch order for our whole office was closed. We took our money and business to the Jewish Deli staffed by Russian Jewish immigrants. Welcome to America.

The famed roaring bull is now being stared down by a “Fearless Girl.”

We used to have some, years ago; not much like the feeble wraiths of today. But the degenerate Left doesn’t want to talk about them, because in those days “fearless” meant fighting Indians.

It came. It went. No one noticed.

How do you order food from woman owned businesses on a day when those businesses should be closed?

    gmac124 in reply to jabster. | March 10, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    This was my exact thought also. You are so important you can take the day off but the peasants must still work and take care of you. Hmmm interesting.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 10, 2017 at 9:12 am

Gianne Doherty shut the doors of her Organic Bath Co.

Yes, the “Organic Bath Co.”

“Marianna Clark of Waxing the City near North Station could not do the same for her all-female staff. Closing for the day would have cost her at least $1,500.”

Organic baths and making $1500 a day peeling off unwanted body hair.

Is this a great country or what?

Hillary came , they saw , day died

I propose that these wonderful bright ladies strike everyday until I notice them being missing and /or give a rats ass. I did a quick check and found that I only know real women and they don’t whine about imagined injustices. Thanks ladies.

The few male teachers my children and I had during elementary and high school were outstanding. Perhaps we could replace the striking fools.

One in particular was a marine. He was like the Pied Piper, and he really knew how to get good behavior from the kids, in addition to being able to get them to remember things. I have since learned that our military, generally, knows more about teaching than our education system.

In retrospect, this makes a lot of sense. Motivated by their desire to achieve objectives and also reduce the price in blood, our military is VERY good at teaching large numbers of random young people how to do things in a dependable manner. It is a terrific skill set, and we as a nation have been ignoring it.

I spent a day without a woman.

My wife flew to Calgary for work. I had to cook my own dinner.

Does this count?


I’m retired so I can’t stay home from anything, I’m already here.

I suppose I could have been a b!tch and not made lunch or dinner for my husband but he had a fall and hurt his back so that would have been kind of mean.

So I cooked and cleaned and played games on the computer and ordered some new slippers from Amazon. I am so oppressed I can barely stand it.

There was a time when women marched and protested for something. They said, “I am woman – hear me roar” and they made a difference.

No where in the world have women ever had things as good as they have them in the USA now.

Now a bunch of self-absorbed dimwits whine about… What is it exactly they are whining about?

The traffic on my commute to work was very light.

To be formally remembered as: A Day Without A Sandwich

American Human | March 10, 2017 at 11:03 am

Now I will limit this post to those women that have been my co-workers etc. If it applies to other women, that is not my intent because I don’t have experience with them. Mind you, I’ve been in the workforce full time for the past 48+ years.

I’ve found that women tend to talk a lot about how busy they are all the time. Their assignments, tasks, and projects are pretty much the same or similar to mine but I continually hear from them how hard they work and how busy they are. My male co-workers don’t really talk this way. We are just as busy and work just as hard but we don’t talk about it so much as women do.
Maybe this is because women like to talk and men don’t like to talk as much a women. My women casual acquaintances, wives of my friends or women at Church that I know etc. do the same thing. If they accomplish something in the way of work, they seem to want to proclaim that they did it and it is okay to pat them on the back.

My thoughts on all this are: just get the job done! Do your work and just get it done already. I don’t need to hear about how busy you are. We’re all busy. I don’t care a whit if a male or female gets the job done, just so long as the job gets done right and the project is successful.

The Gipper once said something along the lines of: “Its amazing how much you can get done when you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Maybe it might have been more of a success if liberals actually had jobs that were of any value to society.

Be patient…it’s still


No – most women – even on the left – rejected and ignored it.

Captain Keogh | March 10, 2017 at 2:50 pm

I heard an audio clip of Linda Sarsour at this “Gal Qaeda” shindig. Along with that convicted Palestinian woman bomber (why on Earth Israel has no death penalty?) that shaped up to be a real despicable bunch that women are being asked to fall in line behind. Attention young men: take note of the women in your circle who participated or expressed solidarity with this type of demonstration. These are women to be avoided at all cost! Even if you should happen to find a hot one – which most probably won’t happen.

As predicted.

No one noticed, except the media.

I came home after a long day, asked my wife who does not work, what she did today? She grinned and replied, “I took the day off”. I said “you’re fired”.

She said “good”. 🙂

Remind me again, when is that happening?

Don’t be a DWOW denier. It is a real thing. If you doubt it, ask Chelsea Clinton to explain it.

Or as my 5 year old likes to debate…it’s real because it’s real. NO IT IS REAL!!!! (louder)

I hope that next year , on a day without a woman , a certain woman will not be working because she in doing Fed Hard Time