I’m not sure the Republican Party ever has been united. There always were factions at odds with each other and at each other’s throats.

It reminds me of the Tom Lehrer song National Brotherhood Week, paraphrasing:

Well the RINOs hate the Tea Party, and the Tea Party hates the Neocons, and the Neocons hate libertarians, and everybody hates D.C.

Whatever momentary, purely superficial unity was created by the Trump presidential win and the hold of the Senate and House quickly evaporated during the Obamacare repeal and replace battle.

It’s civil war again in the Republican Party.

So what we need is something to unite around, something that is a clear victory.

And Chuck Schumer is just the guy to give it to us. He’s been blustering for a filibuster of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is so clearly qualified, so clearly should be approved, so clearly is an intellectual giant compared to Sotomayor and Kagan, who sailed through, that Republicans have been making clear we are ready to go Nuclear Option.

Even Mitch McConnell is talking tough:

“Several have suggested that a Supreme Court justice needs to get 60 votes. I think you already know no Supreme Court justice has ever been stopped with a partisan filibuster. … That is obviously what the Democratic leader has announced they will do.

“We are optimistic that they will not be successful in keeping this good man from joining the Supreme Court very soon.”

McConnell, according to Reuters, said Gorsuch will be confirmed on “Friday of next week.”

I think that if Democrats force Republicans to go nuclear, it could be a singularly uniting event. It will feel good. For a moment.

[Featured Image: Photoshop of Riding the Bomb]


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