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Critics Claim Mizzou Student Election Racist Because Winning Team is White

Critics Claim Mizzou Student Election Racist Because Winning Team is White

Of course.

It looks like not much has changed at Mizzou over the last few years.

The College Fix reports:

Mizzou student election proves racism and sexism because white man won, critics say

Their slates were both socially progressive and their campaign promises substantially similar.

But because the winning candidates in the University of Missouri’s student government elections were white – and one of them, male – the results prove the underlying racism and sexism of the student body, according to critics.

President-elect Nathan Willett and his female running mate, Payton Englert, were nearly disqualified from the two-horse race hours before their victory, based on an anonymous allegation of ballot fraud.

The Board of Elections Commissioners issued its harshest possible sanction against their slate before a student judicial body overturned its ruling at a raucous Wednesday night student government meeting.

With the votes tallied, the Willett/Englert ticket won in a landslide, 54-46 percent, in the largest turnout ever for a Missouri Students Association (MSA) election.


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Yes, it’s hard to face reality – people are weary of hyphenated Americans whining. Losers whine, winners perform.

A white person was successful at something?
Must be Racism!

Is racism another word for smarter?