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College Suggests Students Stop Using ‘He and She’

College Suggests Students Stop Using ‘He and She’

Even when “grammatically correct”

Where does this madness ultimately lead? What’s the end goal?

The Daily Caller reports:

College Tells Students To Ditch ‘He’ And ‘She,’ Even When Grammatically Correct

A college decreed that all student publications should avoid using gendered language, such as the pronouns “he” or “she” and terms like “mankind” and “fathering.”

Sarah Lawrence College suggests alternatives, even ones it openly acknowledges are “grammatically incorrect,” in Gender Neutral Language Guidelines, as reported by Campus Reform.

“Where possible and appropriate, use second person (you, your, yours),” says Sarah Lawrence. “Second person not only eliminates gender reference, but also makes the copy more personal and engaging.”

The college proceeds to offer an example of a problematic sentence, “Each student must obtain his or her parking permit the first week of the semester,” followed by “You will need to obtain your parking permit the first week of the semester.”

Instead of the phrase “his or her father or mother,” Sarah Lawrence proposes using “a parent.” Conditional sentences beginning with “if” or “when” are also discouraged because they “often require the use of pronouns.”


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I think their end goal is to reduce mankind humankind…sorry, peoplekind, to a nonthinking, egoistic, useless mass of emotion driven beings.