On CNN this morning, commenting on a report that President Trump has “no proof, no regrets” over his allegation that Pres. Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Chris Cuomo claimed “no, proof, no regrets: they only go together with this administration.”

Really? We only have to go back to the immediately previous administration to debunk Cuomo’s claim. Remember President Obama’s “proof and regrets” that a video led to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi? Nope? How about “if you like your policy, you can keep your policy?” Or when he told the press on national television the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” at a Harvard professor’s home? Remember President Obama’s “proof and regrets” over that? Neither do we.

Either Chris Cuomo has a bad case of short-term memory loss, or more likely, CNN is all-in on its policy of trolling the Trump administration, criticism of the network’s blatant bias be damned.

CHRIS CUOMO: There’s a sharp focus right now on [President Trump’s] credibility because of the continuing fallout from the president’s stunning accusation that President Obama had his tower, Trump Tower headquarters, wiretapped during the investigation. There’s no proof of that presented by the president. Republican lawmakers charged with investigating the claim say they’ve seen no evidence of this as yet but that investigation’s just getting going. The White House insists that the president has no regrets. CNN’s Joe Johns live at the White House with more. No proof, no regrets. They only go together with this administration.