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Chelsea Clinton Lands Cushy Spot on Board of Directors at Expedia

Chelsea Clinton Lands Cushy Spot on Board of Directors at Expedia

She has to put something on her resume should she run for office

Has there ever been someone with so few real life accomplishments who got handed such great opportunities as Chelsea Clinton?

You may recall her six-figure gig at NBC a few years ago. Now she’s moving on to another green pasture, this time at Expedia.

CNN reports:

Expedia names Chelsea Clinton to board of directors

In a public filing posted Friday, the travel site said it named Clinton — the daughter of Hillary Clinton — as a member of its board on Thursday.

Expedia (EXPE) said Clinton will be paid “in accordance with the company’s standard compensation policies” for board members.

According to an Expedia proxy statement from August, non-employee directors were paid a $45,000 “annual retainer” and awarded $250,000 worth of stock in 2015.

Board members who served on various committees were paid an additional $10,000 to $20,000. But Expedia said in a filing that Clinton “has not been appointed to serve as a member of any committee.”

Clinton serves on the board of one other corporation: IAC/InterActive Corp (IAC), the company that owns websites including,, Vimeo, Investopedia and The Daily Beast.

Chelsea Clinton is being groomed. She’s going to run for office eventually, and her resume has to have something on it. Have you noticed how much she’s been in the news lately? Others have:

Here’s an excerpt from one of these stories at The Hill:

Chelsea Clinton fuels speculation of political run

When rumors started swirling after the election that Chelsea Clinton was considering her own foray into politics, it was met with eye rolls even from staunch supporters of the family.

“Think we can let the dust settle a bit before we start talking about another Clinton race?” one former adviser to Hillary Clinton said after the New York Post reported in November that the former first daughter was being “groomed” to run for Congress, possibly replacing 79-year-old congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) “It’s exhausting.”

But that skepticism is starting to fade.

Last month, a separate report in the New York Daily News said that Clinton could potentially run for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-N.Y.) seat, should the senator decide to run for president in 2020.

Clinton has only stoked the rumors further, particularly on Twitter, where she has repeatedly gone after President Trump and his associates since Inauguration Day. On Sunday, she also took the opportunity to rail against Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) for racially charged comments about immigrant babies.

Is it really Chelsea who’s fueling speculation on a run or is it the media?

They’re determined to pass the baton to a Clinton for the next generation.


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Time to cancel my expedia membership.

Watch Pelosi’s seat.

A Stanford grad on the board of a “Tech” company with international name recognition and full backing of Silicon Valley, the national DNC machine and the press would be something right up San Francisco’s alley. Chelsea checks off all of those boxes.

Chelsea Clinton also serves on the boards of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Weill Cornell Medical College and IAC/InterActiveCorp.

    Lucky them.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Neo. | March 18, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Note: All non-real and non-reality “jobs” of hobnobbing and socializing to what end?

    Raise more Clinton Cash?????????

    Insufficiently Sensitive in reply to Neo. | March 19, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative

    Those might as well be named ‘sinking funds’, and won’t transfer any honor to their more or less crooked Directors. No wonder she’s scrambling for another seat somewhere else.

I am in the process of cancelling my membership with Expedia. There are plenty of other travel services that I can use, and that haven’t felt the need to spend money on a useless person like Clinton. After all, she did such a fine job with the Clinton Foundation and her mother’s campaign….

Ugly. And I mean as a person.

Given that her only qualification for a board seat is her family name and connections, this is a political appointment. And, as a political appointment, I feel that a political response is warranted.

She’s the spitting image of her father (Web Hubbell) alright.

Chelsea most likely doesn’t need board seats for résumé enhancement. Nobody who would consider voting for her is the least bit interested in experience or qualifications. What board seats do are—

— Give her a source of easy income. This could be a major concern for Clinton Inc. if Chelsea’s cushy insider jobs for the various Clinton crime organization fronts dry up big-time. This seems safe enough; Expedia isn’t giving her anything to do, so she’s like the Affirmative Action hire a school parks in the Women’s Studies department so her meager qualifications won’t damage the Physics or Math departments.

— Establish her in the spider’s web of the Gov’t/Wall Street patronage/payola/kickback/influence-peddling industry. This is where the real money is, but she’d need some skill to exploit it.

However, to make real headway in the influence racket—the sort Clinton Inc. needs—she’d have to be in elective office. New York and California are the obvious weak points in the Republic’s defenses; those morons would actually vote for her. Ugh. But elective office as a D’rat is tough. The Party is made up of career politicians who expect to be rewarded for their ironclad Party discipline with increasingly juicy offices, and they’re all waiting their turns for the Party machine to come through. The Party can be expected to balk at any attempt to squeeze a n00b in ahead of one of the long-time Party faithful.

So for Clinton Inc, Chelsea’s a long shot. But she’s the only shot they have … at least, assuming Dr Frankenstein isn’t able to jolt some simulacrum of life back into her mother.

This is a positive thing.

All this brat has is a name – a tainted-one, at that. Otherwise, she’s talentless and unaccomplished.

May she be the future leader of the democrat party.

I just went on Expedia and said now that Chelsea Clinton on their Board of Director that no one in my family is going to do business with them again. They’ve politicized their appointment with an unqualified person just because of her last name.

inspectorudy | March 18, 2017 at 4:08 pm

What this tells me is that the dirty tricks department of the clinton family is alive and well. They have something on the Expedia crowd and that is how this bimbo got selected to sit on the board. She has nothing to offer and is there because of her family. What’s so funny is that because of her corrupt family, she should have to sit on a prison board and make choices about what might affect her parents in the future.

Pelosi Schmelosi | March 18, 2017 at 4:15 pm

No-talent loser just like her mother.
Next step will be carpet-bagging in some state with an open Senate seat.
It’s how the Clinton’s roll

I would absolutely LOVE them to make Chelsea Clinton the poster child of the Democrat’s future.

She has zero charisma, has accomplished literally nothing her entire life, and is shockingly stupid.

She’s a guaranteed win in an ultra liberal state (but then again, ANY Democrat can win there). If they try to make her President they guarantee a GOP win that year.

So I say – DO IT.

About as unqualified a Boardmember as Al Gore, when he landed his cushy Apple, Inc. Board position.

A corporate Board of Directors shouldn’t be used a patronage hand-out — the people who are appointed should be seasoned businesspeople who bring valuable experience and perspective to the table, or, alternately, people possessing work experience that is related to the company’s line of business (e.g., a reknowned surgeon and professor of medicine joining the Board of a medical device manufacturer such as Medtronic or Abbott Labs, for example).

Company shareholders deserve competent and worthy Directors possessing relevant experience, not well-connected twits looking to warm a seat and collect an easy payday.

    Massinsanity in reply to guyjones. | March 19, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Not to mention from a pure good governance perspective a board with 14 members (or any even number for that matter) makes NO SENSE.

“The Hill” was a shill for the Hill-dog in 2016. At least one of their contributing authors (Brent Budowsky) was quite active in working with Podesta to shape stories and strategy.

Thanks to Wikileaks.

So how much did the CEO of Expedia give to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign?

stevewhitemd | March 18, 2017 at 7:15 pm

Now now, folks, she IS an expert at travel.

Just not bargain travel…


Please, give me a break! She can put on her resume several things already, without jacking up the consumer costs of any services she deals with.
1] The largest front teeth of any woman east of the Rocky Mtn’s.
2] A face that could stop a train, giving her understandable ‘rights’ as the 2nd woman in history to birth a child via ‘immaculate conception’. Who would want to have sex with Chelsea Horseface, eh?
3] The wealthiest adult child to receive ‘baby-sitter’ types of jobs while possessing no discernible job skills – other than the ability of sucking on Mommy’s political teets until middle age.
4] The ability to take great umbrage while being offended by the truth – while not understanding what the truth of a situation really is. Yeah, I know…this is true of all snowflakes, but she is special; kind of like Jerry’s Kids are special…OR…she has an identical twin, and the pair make up an individual ‘idiot savant’. She’s the idiot member of the duo.

America’s only REAL hope with Miss Pris is that Mamma Dearest spends an awesome amount of $$$ in her next political race, and shows again her talent for losing. Leave the changeling weighted down with the cares of this world, learning what it means to work for a living. Two or three months living in a homeless shelter would do her a WORLD of good, IMO.

Because she has so much BUSINESS EXPERIENCE! Truly the “best” candidate for the job. (Wink, wink) .

Bucky Barkingham | March 19, 2017 at 7:33 am

A high-pay no-show job, perfect for someone with her skimpy resume.